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The Village of Madara

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Madara village is situated in the North-eastern region of Bulgaria and is part of the municipality of Shumen, Shumen District.
It is 17 km from Shumen, 13 km from the town of Novi Pazar, 8 km from the town Kaspichan.

natural conditions


Located between Ludogorsko and Provadiisko plateau, this village is extremely picturesque in nature. The climate is temperate. In the winter from the north and north-east with strong winds freely invade cold continental air masses. Winters are relatively cold and the summer is hot.




Madara is one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria. Life here has started seven thousand years ago and continues today. In Madara Horseman architectural preserve there are monuments and heritage of all peoples living in the Bulgarian lands during different periods of historical development. In Madara are found   traces and temples, buildings and attributes of all religions practised in the Bulgarian lands - pagan temples of prehistoric humans, the
Thracians, the  Bulgars, the Slavs and the Mohammedan religion from the time of Ottoman rule.



According to the National statistics institute data from 2007 estimated population number is about 1500.



As priority sectors to develop agriculture and farming.
Investment opportunities associated with the development of tourism and agriculture - growing perennial plants and vegetables, there are opportunities for rural tourism, the village has a rich history, there are many natural attractions.



In the village there is well developed transport infrastructure. The roads are in good condition. Close to international cross roads. The territory of the village has railway station.
Comparative proximity of the village of Madara to the sea port and airport of Varna and the river port of Ruse, combined with relatively well - developed railway road - transport links, allows for easy access of goods and people to various points around the world.

Education and culture


On the territory of the settlement operate a primary school, kindergarten, community center.



The village has a GP.



National Historical - archaeological reserve of Madara in the territory of Shumen region near the regional center and the first Bulgarian capital Pliska. On the rocks of the Madara plateau is cut one of its kind in Europe bas - relief - Madara Horseman. The wealth of archaeological monuments found dated from the IV millennium BC to the XV century, give the researchers reason to call Madara Bulgarian Troy.
The relief is a model of old Bulgarian art and symbolizes the power and majesty of the Bulgarian state. The inscriptions around it, written in Greek, reveal the feat of arms of three Bulgarian khans - Tervel, Krum and Omurtag. From 1972 Madara Rider was declared by UNESCO a monument with world significance. In historical science Madara is known as a religious center. Here one can see  pagan temple, Christian churches, chapels. In the XIV century in the rocks of the plateau is created the biggest rock monastery in Bulgaria with over 150 cells.
Today Madara is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country.


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