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village of Lozen

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Lozen is situated in Southern Bulgaria and is a part of Lyubimec municipality, Haskovo region.

There are four more settlements in the country with the same name. Village of Lozen in Veliko Tarnovo region, village of Lozen in Sofia region, village of Lozen in Pazardjik region and village of Lozen in Stara Zagora region.

The village location is 6 km southwest of Lyubimec, 23 km northwest of Svilengrad, 35 km northwest of Bulgarian-Turkish border Kapitan Andreevo and about 65 km southeast of Haskovo.

The population is about 440 people.

Тhe terrain is lowland with an average altitude of 167 m. Climate is continental-Mediterranean, characterized by mild and rainy winters with average temperatures above freezing and hot summers with temperatures averaging around 25 °C.

The infrastructure of the village includes some paved streets and lighting, electrification, water supply system, partial sewerage system, mobile phone coverage, telephone and cable TV.

Secondary road passes through the village and connects it to Lyubimec, as well as with the European route E80, and a stretch of A3 "Maritza" highway.

There is regular bus transport from town of Lyubimec.

The village has a town hall, a post office, a community center and a kindergarten. "St. Dimitar" church was built in 1893-1894.  Lozen has developed retail shops and restaurants. To the community center there is a library, an authentic folklore singing group and also Ethnographic Museum

GP is at disposal for the residents, specialized medical help can be found in Svilengrad or Haskovo.

In the region are developed agriculture and stock-breeding.


At about 25 km away is located Ivaylovgrad dam, which was built in 1964 and has 64 km of coastline. Its waters are rich in fish, which makes it suitable for fishing. Water sports can be practised as well.

Near the village is the hill named "Gradishteto", which consists of another three hills "Presveta" /Holy/, "Kaleto" /Fortress/ and "Koledata" /Christmas/. At Kaleto there is a fortress, which was built in I century B.C. from the Thracians. there were times when "Gradishteto" was turned into a monastery complex, as each of the three hills had churches.

About 10 km away is village of Mezek, famous for its winery house. There was found an ancient Thracian tomb, build in the IV century BC by the Thracians. In close proximity can be seen three medieval castles.



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