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Lozen is a village in West Bulgaria, in Sofia Municipality, Sofia Region.

Lozen Mountain

A small but interesting mountain in the immediate proximity of the capital. Although it has been outshined by the more impressive Vitosha Mountain, Lozen has yet to show its beauty to the tourists. It is a place with rich history but too little research has been conducted so far. At the same time there is no tourist who, having climbed up its main ridge, has not admired the incredible bird's eye view. In western and south-western direction is the green Plana Mountain, and above it towers the stately dome of Vitosha. In the north, overtopping the vast Sofia Plain, the Stara Planina Mountain Range fills up the horizon from end to end, whereas the smooth shapes of Vakarelska Mountain can be seen in the east.  In the south, behind the Cherni Rid, rises the magnificent Rila.

From the villages lying at the foot of Lozen Mountain, Lozen, German, Dolni Pasarel and Gabra, start many tourist tracks, the most popular being those around Polovrag Peak and Pancharevo Lake.

On some of the adjacent peaks there once were Thracian shrines and at the foot of the mountain, by the asphalt road to the Monastery at the village of German, there are two Thracian mounds. It is supposed that in the old days along the Iskar River there was a network of fortresses, the remains of which can still be seen - the Ravul Citadel on Kale Peak, the European Citadel, and Uhrvich - with an interesting and dramatic history.

The St. Spas Monastery

The Monastery is located at the foot of the mountain, 5km from the village of Lozen, under Polovrak Peak. The monastery was destroyed in 1382 and was not rebuilt until the XVII century. The cloister has quickly regained its power becaming a major centre of culture and education. The monastery church has lavish decorations and preserved founder's inscriptions dating back to 1821. Many renowned artists from Samokov, Radomir and other centres of the pictorial art have participated in the painting of the frescos. The richness of the images - historical clerical personalities add value to the internal decorative scheme of the church. The Lozen Monastery is praised for preserving a rich historical and cultural heritage for the generations.

The forecasts indicate that in the next several years a new residential area will be established in the region of the village, creating an alternative to the expensive prestigious quarters at the foot of Vitosha Mountain such as Boyana, Dragalevtsi and Simeonovo.  Presently, an intensive demand and buying out of land, mainly for construction of small single-family houses and gated complexes is in progress in the south-eastern direction. Another object of interest are the existing summer houses which can be renovated and used for all-year-round living. The interest to this area is conditioned by at least three factors: the relatively low cost of land, the good infrastructure, and the easy connection to the city, as well as the Sofia Urbanization Plan provisions for development of residential areas in the southern and eastern direction.

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