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The village of Lomets

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Lomets is a village in northern Bulgaria, part of Troyan Municipality, Lovech region.

It lies about 23 km southwestern direction of the town of Lovetch and about 15 km northwestern direction from the town of Troyan.

The population is about 300 inhabitants.

The terrain is hilly plain with average altitude of 403 m.
The climate is temperate with warm, dry summer and mild winter.

The village has electricity, water main and partly paved and lightened streets. There is Internet, cable TV and telecommunications, as well as coverage of mobile operators.

About 10 km from the village passes European road E772, that is connected also with European roads E79, E80 and Highway A2 Hemus.

There is regular bus transport to the village from the Municipal center of Troyan. About 1 km away from the village is railway station Lomets.

The village has a town hall, post office, community center and church. There is also a network of retail shops, restaurants and cafes.

A general practitioner serves the needs of the inhabitants.


Places of interest and tourism

The village of Lomets is located in closeness to Osam river, which in the summer  is cool and nice place for fishing, resting and walk-arounds.

There are several guest houses and villas in the region, that accomodates visitors.

Situated on an area of 4 sq.m is Sostra Roman fortress. The camp had been functioning as a roadside station with a village built up around, that was associated with the maintenance of the military camp.

The village has a convenient connection with the city of Troyan, which makes easy for the tourists to go and visit the Museum of traditional crafts and arts that is situated in the center of the city. The oldest artifacts in the museum are from X-IX centuries BC. There is also a unique model of the Troyan craft market street from XIX c, authentic pottery shop and wine-vessel shop of the same time.

On a less than 20 km away from the village is situated the third largest monastery in Bulgaria after Rila and Bachkovo - Troyan monastery.

At a distance of 18 km is the village of Oreshak, which is known for its National exhibition of arts and crafts, open year round, every day. In one of the exhibition halls there is a variety of art pieces for sale, made by Bulgarian and foreign craftsmen



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