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village of Litakovo

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Litakovo is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is located in Botevgrad municipallity, Sofia district.

It is about 11 km northwest of Botevgrad, 72 km northeast of Sofia, 22 km northwest of town of Pravec and 42 km southwest of the city of Jablanica.

The population is about 2100 people.

Situated at the foot of Stara Planina mountain, along the two rivers Pisani and Bogovina. It is surrounded by hills Mechovo bardo to the north and Dranovo Burdo to the south.

The climate throughout Botevgrad Valley is often crude - a long winter and short cool spring and dry hot summers.
The village is electrified with maintained infrastructure. There are electricity, water supply and communication networks. Missing sewerage network.
In Litakovo there is health center, pharmacy, primary school, junior high school, kindergarten, community center. Regular bus service connects it with the settlements in the area.


In the village there are 28 chapels bearing the names of various saints, which the villagers worship the Christian holidays. Church of St. Nicholas in the village center was built in 1851 and shines with its silver tip of steeple from which each day carries the song of two large bells from Vienna.

Interesting sites near the village are:

The monastery of St. Nicholas is located in the southwestern foothills of Lakavishki hill, a few miles away. In the place existed pagan sanctuary, on which at the time of Tsar Peter was raised a Christian church. In 1938 a priest from the village Chelopech is a prophetic dream in St. Nicholas, as he reveals the monastery destroyed by the Turks. Begin excavations have found bases of burned church, a cell with a large fireplace and skeletons of people who participated in the defense of the monastery against the Turks.

Monastery of Holy Transfiguration, also called Novachenski or Skravenski Monastery is located in the area in Batkun Lakavishkiy rid of the West Prebalkan. The monastery, founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, is destroyed by the Turks, but was revived by St. Pimen of Sofia in 1608 in the XIX century it is destroyed again. It is restored in 1930.
A complex of church, which has preserved fragments of frescoes remaining from the old temple building.
Next to the monastery is the cave Bear Hole.

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