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village of Lipnitsa

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Lipnitsa is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Botevgrad municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria there is one other settlement that is with the same name in Miziya municipality, Vratsa region.

It is located 27 km north of the town of Botevgrad, 7 km southeast of the village of Tipchenitsa and 4 km southwest of the village of Elovdol. The capital Sofia is 90 km in the same direction.

It is at the foot of Stara planina mountain at the northern part of Botevgrad hollow and its altitude is about 420 m. It is scattered on the surrounding hills in more than twenty neighborhoods. The climate as it is in the whole hollow is often severe with long winter, short spring that is cool and windy while the summer is hot and dry.

The infrastructure is considerably well maintained. The main streets are asphalted and with lighting, the village is with electricity and water systems constructed. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements.

The permanent population is about 141 people.

In the village are functioning primary school, community center, store and restaurant. Kindergarten works in the village of Novachene. The nearest GP works in the village of Litakovo and specialized medical assistance and you will get at the medical center in the town of Botevgrad where there are also high schools. The hospitals are on the territory of the capital.

Near the village flows small river with clean water. In this area there are many caves among them Vodnata pesht, Kozarnika, Suhata dupka.

According to the historical data the area is inhabited since the 14-th century and before that the Thracian tribe Medi lived here. The name of the village is derived from this of Lipan voyvoda.

East of the village in Nankovski monastery area is located church made of chalky stones and was constructed in hard to be accessed place.

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