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village of Levishte

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Levishte is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Svoge municipality, Sofia region.

It is 7 km north of the village of Gabrovnitsa, 24 km northeast of the village of Gara Bov and 11 km of Gara Lakatnik. The town of Svoge is 27 km southwest, the town of Vratsa is 46 km northeast, while the capital Sofia is 68 km south.

It is situated in mountain region in the picturesque defile of Iskar river and its altitude is about 1000 m. The territory falls within a zone with temperate weather. Typical are the cold winter, the cool summer and the early coming fall in comparison with the other parts of the country.

The permanent population is about 26 people.

Railway transportation connects it the other settlements. To it there also is asphalt road.

The administrative care is taken from the mayor of Gabrovnitsa village. The nearest school and kindergarten are in the village of Gara Lakatnik. GP works in the village of Gara Bov. Medical center you will find at the town of Svoge and the specialized hospitals are on the territory of the capital.


tourism and landmarks

Interesting landmark in proximity to the village of Levishte is the touristic complex "Dyado Yotso gleda /Grandpa Yotso watches/". There is constructed monument of the character from the famous work of the Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov. Also there works restaurant  and in the village of of Ochindol there is accommodation. The committee of volunteers from the village every year grants a reward for patriotism. Also just a few meters away is the area Presvetitsa where are found walls from ancient constructions. The locals guess that these are remains of Orthodox temple.

Lakatnishki rocks are a complex of rock crowns, slopes, pyramids and pillars, caves and karst springs developed among the rocks of the Triassic system along the western slope of the valley of the Iskar river between Proboinitsa. They represent the most attractive part of the remarkable canyon of the river Iskar. Lakatnishki rocks have been declared a natural monument in 1989.

The favorable conditions for rock climbing in the summer, the considerably easy access and the breathtaking view are paramount to development of this kind of tourism and sport which is not the situation at the moment.

Iskar river is favourite place for relaxation and fishing.

The Orthodox monastery of the Seven Thrones (Virgin Mary) is located in the beautiful valley of the relatively small Gabrovnitsa River, the road from the train station Eliseina in the Iskar Gorge. It is part of the 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria. Accessible for vehicles on a narrow asphalt road from the station Eliseina in the Iskar Gorge. Every evening bus goes to the monastery, which makes conection with one of the incoming trains. Among its attractions is the grave of the famous Bulgarian children's writer Zmey Goryanin (1905-1958). In the yard behind the church.

Waterfall Skaklya is the eponymous river running through the eastern mountains Ponor, near Gara Bov. This is one of the highest waterfall in Bulgaria. Descend to 130 feet and impresses with its three cascading surge, the highest of which is lowered from 80 feet. Skaklya height is fourth in the country and was declared a landmark in 1978 in the winter wild crystal waters of the waterfall and freeze Skaklya becoming one of the most popular places for ice climbing in the country.

Vazov Eco path - named after the writer Ivan Vazov, who created some of his work here. It was partially reconstructed. The route starts at Danganovtsi neighborhood (near Bov village) and passes near the valley of Treskavets river, it also passes Iskar river south of the village of Gara Bov and then is the valley of Skaklya river named after the eponymous karst spring and goes up near the water fall to Zasele village. The route leads to Zimevitsa village trough "St Petka" church. Today it is a tourist destination with growing popularity. 

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