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village of Lesovo

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Lesovo is a village in southeastern Bulgaria. It is part of Elhovo municipality, Yambol region.

The village is situated on the berder between Bulgaria and Turkey. It is 26 km south of Elhovo, 40 km north of Edirne in Turkey and 65 km south of Yambol. River Tundja passes to the west.

Population is about 680 people.

The terrain in the area is low mountainous and the altitude is about 320 meters. The climate is moderate-continental, with average January temperature around 0 º C. The average July temperature is 20 º C - 23 º C. Typical for the region are mild winters, warm springs, hot and dry summers.

The village is well developed, with a good infrastructure. There is a kindergarten, a community center with a library, a commercial house.

Lesovo-Hamzabeyli checkpoint is favourable for the business development in the municipality.

Sightseeings and landmarks

In the lands of the village there are remains of a medieval fortress, called "Kaleto".

Dranchi dupka is a karst area west of the village of Melnitsa. It is attractive to the visitors for its tourist chalet, beautiful river valley and the eponymous cave with an underground river. In the area is restored and operates a small chapel.

The bends of the bed and rushing waters of Tunja river in the "Dar Kaya" area, south of Lesovo, are attractive and appropriate place for downhill racing in fast flowing water and water slalom.

Near Elhovo, on the banks of Tunja river, in the dense forests are situated "Balabana" and "Dolna topchia" reserves, which are a natural breeding of a rare pheasant.

Manastircheto area, near village of Stroyno, is a vast meadow with over 20 ancient trees, a source of drinking water, a small church, mostly rebuilt. The site is suitable for short summer holiday and picnics.

In Elhovo region, of mammals you can  found fox, jackal, rabbit, wild boar, fallow deer, which makes it very suitable for development of hunting tourism. One of the 16 pairs of globally protected Imperial Eagles nests in the old trees in the village of Borisovo.

For this region is typical the production of wine grape, variety "Algerian" - dark, dense wine with slightly acidic streak.


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