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Village of Kulata

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Kulata is a village situated in South-Western Bulgaria. It is part of Petrich Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

Kulata is the nearest village to the Bulgarian-Greek border on the European road E79 (Sofia-Thessaloniki). Here are located the Kulata Customs and the Contact centre for police and customs cooperation Kulata-Promachonas.

The village is 84 km south-east from town of Blageovgrad, 16 km east from town of Petrich, 170 km south from city of Sofia, 23 km in the same direction from town of Sandanski, 57 km south-west from town of Gotse Delchev and 120 km north-east from Thessaloniki (Greece).

Its population is approximately 870 people.

The village spreads out on the left banks of Struma River at Sandanski-Petrich valley. It is on 105 m above sea level. The climate is transitional Mediterranean and characterizes with hot, dry summer and mild winter.

Kulata is a well-developed settlement provided with electricity, water, telephone net, mobile coverage and Internet. It comprises a town-hall, a comprehensive school, a kindergarten, a community centre, health services, a church and shops. The region of the village and the customs centre has many trade areas, public houses and accommodation.

The shortest road from Sofia city to Republic of Greece passes through here - the first-classed international road E79 and the railway line (Kalafat-Vidin-Sofia-Kulata-Thessaloniki-Athens).

The climate conditions are beneficial for raising agriculture products, tobacco and vine massifs. The region is with well-developed tailoring industry, wood-processing, furniture production, etc.

Landmarks and tourism

The local church 'St Atanasii' is an interesting place to visit in the village. Part of St Pantaleon relics are kept in the church.

Struma River is very convenient for recreation and fishing. Fish lovers may catch mountain barbel, common nase, European perch, carp, wels catfish, craw-fish, etc.

The region is famous with Rupite land (24 km away). The place is famous with its mineral springs and the house and temple of Baba Vanga - popular Bulgarian prophet.

Just 7 km away from the village is the balneological resort of Marikostinovo. The area of the resort has many healing hot mineral springs and mud baths, suitable for healing bone diseases. 

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