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village of Kukorevo

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Kukorevo is a village in southeastern Bulgaria. It is part of Tundja municipality, Yambol region.

The village is located in proximity of only 1.5 km south of Yambol, 46 km east of Nova Zagora, 110 km west of Burgas and 305 km east of the capital city of Sofia

The area is characterized by relatively mild winters with an average January temperature of 0,2 ° C and hot summers with average temperatures in July - 23.2 ° C.

Population is about 1600 people.

In the village there is a city hall, a municipality, a church, a primary school, a kindergarten, a library, a community senter, club for senior citizens. The nearest medical facility is located in Yambol. The community center building, which is more than 80 years, was renovated in 2010 by the project "Bulgarian Cultural Center - past, present and future." The community center has a  folklore group.

The favorable location, only a few kilometers from the town of Yambol, provides regular transport links, as well as availability of cable TV and Internet. Basically the settlement is a village zone above the town. 

In Kukorevo there are a lot of young people who have formed a non-governmental youth organization and a village football team named "Trakiets." Every year, traditionallyin the village is held folk wrestling.

Sightseeings and landmarks

There is a planetarium in Yambol, which is the only one in southeast Bulgaria and thousands of students and citizens visit it every day.

The History Museum in Yambol has different objects that follow the whole history of the city and the region starting from the Neolith till nowardays.

Art Gallery "George Papazov" in Yambol is one of the largest galleries in the country. It has more than 3,000 works of Bulgarian and foreign artists.

In Kukorevo are preserved folk traditions and customs as "Kukerstvo", "Koledaruvane", "Lazaruvane", "Jutva", and many others, which are still passed on from generation to generation.

The area has excellent conditions for fishing - near the village crosses the river Tunja, and between the villages of Roza and General Inzovo there is a dam.



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