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Village of Kromidovo

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Kromidovo is a village in South-western Bulgaria. It is part of Petrich Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

It is 85 km south from town of Blagoevgrad, 21 km east from town of Petrich, 167 km south-east from city of Sofia, 13 km north from the Bulgarian-Greek border at village of Kulata and 8 km west from village of Katuntsi.

It is just 5 km away from the international road E-79 (Vidin-Sofia-Kulata-Athens). Regular bus transportation to the neighbouring towns and villages.

Its population is approximately 150 people.

Kromidovo is situated in the western parts of Pirin Mountain, at 175 m above the sea level. Melnishka River passes near the village.

The climate characterizes with hot, dry summer and short, mild winter. The average January temperatures are about 1 C, and the average July ones - about 37 C.

The region is favourable for stock-breeding and growing agriculture crops, perennial trees. There are many vineyards and green-houses.

Kromidovo is popular with its three thermal springs. The mineral water corresponds to the requirements for resort resources and resort areas. There is a public hygiene bath and a swimming pool.

The village is well-developed and provided with electricity, water, telephone and TV nets. The streets are asphalted and the access is round-the-year. There is a town hall, a church and commercial areas.

Medical services and education centres are available in the neighbouring village of Marikostinovo (9 km away).


The residents and guests of Kromidovo may visit the thermal springs, public bath and swimming pool.

Melnishka River is suitable for recreation as well.

The mountaineers may go to Ali Botush reserve at Slavyanka Mountain. The reserve hosts flora usually met in the Mediterranean forests and in Central Europe.

Some of the famous tourist sites in the area are town of Melnik - the smallest town in the country, Rozhen Monastery and Rupite land - the place where the Bulgarian prophet Vanga used to live.

Text and pictures: MIRELA

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