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village of Krepost

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Krepost is a village in Southern Bulgaria. It is situated in Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo region.

It is 6 km south from the town of Dimitrovgrad, 10 km southeast from town of Haskovo and 200 km southeast from the capital of Sofia

The village is located on the Ouzoundjovo hill of the Haskovo rising area (Eastern Rhodopes), halfway on Dimitrovgrad-Haskovo road. The landscape around is both hilly and flat, which favors the development of agriculture, mainly cereals - wheat, maize and cotton. The village is known also for its cherry massif.

The region has a continental climate. Winters are mild, with small duration, summer has relatively high temperatures. The altitude is about 150 meters.

The village is well developed and with maintained infrastructure. There are constructed electricity, water and phone systems. Krepost is a very clean settlement, with asphalted streets and painted curbs. On the territory are functioning town hall, church, primary school "Hristo Botev, community center "Selska Probuda", a health centre with a doctor and a dentist. The nearest kindergarten and high-school are in Dimitrovgrad. Specialized medical assistance you can get at the hospital "St. Ekaterina" and "Medical Center - Dimitrovgrad" in Dimitrovgrad. The transport connections are a bus and a railway station. 

The population in 2012 was about 1,500 people.

Krepost is a descendant of an ancient settlement. During the construction of "Maritsa" highway, a religious complex with an early Christian church was found, which was a proof that near the village has existed a settlements from the Hellenistic era which lasted until late antiquity (IV-VI century). The present church "St. St. Constantine and Helena" was built in 1874 and it preserved icons and frescoes from many icon painters.

Krepost is also known for its unique outdoor exhibition presented by 15 panels of mural paintings, painted on the facade walls of the the school, the city hall, the health office, the chapel and church. The beautiful work of arts are made by the two artists - brothers Pancho and Christo Panevi, and are a gift for their birthplace. Paintings you can also see on the home of painters, as well as on one restaurant. Each year the brothers paint one more wall.

Another reason for pride of the village is the folk group, founded in 1956, that won many awards from national festivals, and among them 11 gold medals (4 from the Singing in Koprivshtitsa).

In Krepost is a tradition to celebrate traditional Bulgarian folk festivals, as Babinden and Sirni Zagovezni. The celebration for the Sirni zagovezni are very spectacular - on the square is organized a masquerade against evil forces and a fire must be jumped over to be healthy and lucky. 

The village has its own festival at May 21.

Pictures: www.svetimesta.com

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