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Kran is a village in South Bulgaria. It is located in Kazanlak Municipality, Stara Zagora region.

It is 7 km north away from the town of Kazanlak, 40 km northwest away from the city of Stara Zagora and 233 east from the capital city of Sofia.
There is a regular bus transport to the village from the town of Kazanlak - twice a day.

The village is situated at the foot of mountain Stara planina, on the way to the Shipka pass, at 439 m altitude. The population is about 3 424 inhabitants.
The winter is mild, and the summer moderately hot, with a large amount of rainfalls. The main crops in the area are oil-bearing roses and lavender.

There is a school with 140 years history in the village. The building is new, with equipped computer room. Near the center of the village is the community center, also in it there is a library. In Kran there is a kinder garten.

A factory for springs, unique in Bulgaria and the Balkans is located in the village.
Here is the house, where Tsvyatko Radoynov was born. Nowadays it is a museum, also a hotel.
At the disposal of the guests there are several guest houses and tavern.

Surroundings and landmarks

- "Gradinata na mira" (Garden of peace) - the village has a tradition of each guest to plant a tree and get a certificate. Each year, the guest should be back to enjoy his tree.
- In Kran there is an unique in its essence - mini exhibition of miniature models of houses and people made of distinctive local master.
- In the Middle Ages the village was the center of the despotism in Kransko with great fortress ruled by a despot Eltimir. Today the remains of the fortress "Kaleto" can be seen north of the village.
- Near the village is located and a newly discovered Thracian tomb - Tomb Kran 2.
- Not far from the village is the rock phenomenon "Mechetata".
- Village bara is a nice place for picnics.
- About 12 kilometers from the village is located Koprinka Dam - suitable for family weekends and fishing.

An interesting fact is that currently there is a procedure for declaring Kran for a town.

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