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village of Kotenovtsi

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Kotenovtsi is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, in Berkovitsa municipality, Montana region.

It is situated in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, about 26 km northwest of Berkovitsa, about 27 km southwest of Montana and approximately 107 km northwest of Sofia.

The terrain is covered with beech and oak forests, and the average altitude reaches 473 meters. The climate is temperate, clearly characterized by snowy winters, hot summers and rainy springs and autumns.

The village is one of the smallest in area but has good infrastructure - electricity, water, cover all mobile operators and partially paved and lighted streets. Buses reach the surrounding villages, the municipal and district centers.

The main occupation of the people is growing raspberries, raspberry plants therefore are a common sight around.

Kotenovtsi has population of about 130 people.

The village has a town hall and a shop. A general practitioner is available in the village of Gaganitsa /6 km northeast/ and in the village Borovtsi /15 km in the same direction/ is the closest kindergarten. Berkovitsa has a number of primary and secondary schools and specialized medical care.


Landmarks and tourism

In Kotenovtsi passes Zlatitsa river, in which during the summer can be caught crabs. The river is believed to be goldbearing. The area around the river, below the village earthen dam is associated with washing of gold.

The village is attractive with clean air, tranquility and lovely scenery. Near Gaganitsa village there is a dam, providing good conditions for fishing.

From the neighboring village Chereshovitsa /4 km southwest/ start eco three: one leads to the hut "Zdravchenitsa" and Kom peak, the other goes through Delenata voda area, and reaches Zelena glava peak. A mountain guide is needed for the transitions as the trails are not marked.

At about 22 km northwest of Kotenovtsi is located the Lopushan monastery, which was built in the middle of the XIX century on the ruins of an old monastery. Currently it is renovated and impresses with its beautiful architecture.

In Berkovitsa guests can explore the house-museum "Ivan Vazov", the situated nearby Architectural Museum of Culture and the Clock Tower, which is a remarkable monument, built in 1762.

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