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The village of Kostenets

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Kostenets is a village in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is part of the municipality of Kostenets, Sofia Region.

In Bulgaria there is one more town with the same name - the municipal center - town of Kostenets.

It is located 6 km southwest of the town of Kostenets, 30 km east of Borovets resort and 79 km from the capital Sofia city.

It is situated below the north slopes of Rila Mountain, on both banks of Chavcha River (the Old River) with altitude of 690 m. The climate is moderate-continental. Characteristic of the region is the lagre amount of mineral springs.

The village is one of the largest in the municipality with population of about 3700 people.

Kostenets has very well developed infrastructure - the streets are paved and enlighted, there are water and electricity supply systems, all mobile operators have coverage, regular bus transport connects it with the municipal center.

There is a functioning town hall, church, school, guest house, shops and cafes. Furthermore, here function a post office and a bank branch. The medical care for the population is provided by three GPs and one dentist, also here works pharmacy. General hospital you can find in the town of Kostenets. There are a few operating companies in the village which provide the livelihood of the locals - clothing and footwear company, woodworking shops and craft workshops.



The temple "St. Archangel Michael" in the village Kostenets is an interesting landmark. It is characterized by its three-nave domed basilic and is the largest temple in Ihtiman clerical district. It has existed since 1854. The church has unique preserved frescoes and books dating back from more than a century.

The village is famous for the year-round resort Kostenets Villas, located 3 km in the south. The resort is located in Rila National Park - the largest national park in Bulgaria and one of the most important in Europe, certified by "PAN PARKS" because of its preserved nature. The wonderful views of the Rila peaks make Kostenets Villas appealing to guests of the village of Kostenets. The resort offers hot mineral water springs (47 degrees) which are known to successfully treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous and gynecological diseases.

There are a few hotels here which use the healing mineral water for SPA procedures. There is also a mineral public bath. The resort is a starting point to the two huts near the village of Kostenets - "The Dove" and "Belmeken".

Other attractions:

  • The Kostenets Waterfall 3 km south of the village of Kostenets, declared a natural landmark in 1974 and described by Ivan Vazov in 1917 in his works "What sings the mountain" and "Kostenets - travel notes". The picturesque Kostenets Gorge starts from this waterfall ;
  • The Skalovitski Falls - 4 km south of the village, 15 m high;
  • The ancient fortress Gradishteto, built during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom;
  • The areas Kutlinite (at the foot of Belmeken) and Vazova meadow (near the valley of Plenshtitsa River where Ivan Vazov wrote his poems while admiring the Rila peaks).

Interesting to visit is the chapel "Virgin Mary's Assumption" in the area "Upper Church" near the village of Kostenets , 2 km from The Kostenets Waterfall. It was built on the ruins of an existing old Christian basilica from V century.

The feast of the church "Virgin Mary's Assumption" is celebrated each year on August 15. Another regular event is the great festival of St. George. It is held in the area "The Cross", where, according to an old legend, the first inhabitants of the village Kostenets were baptized .

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