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village of Kostentsi

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Kostentsi is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is a part of Berkovitsa municipality, Montana District.

It is located at the foot of the Balkan mountain, about 14 km north of Berkovitsa, 23 km southwest of Montana and approximately 100 km northwest of Sofia.

The terrain is hilly with an average altitude of 379 m. The climate is temperate characterized by snowy winters, hot summers and rainy springs and autumns.

The village has electricity and water. The streets are partially paved and lighted. There is a coverage of all mobile operators and bus service to the municipality center and surrounding villages.

Kostentsi has about 75 people population. The houses are built on the ridges of two hills, offering a splendid view of the whole Northwest Balkan mountain. From here ones can see the peaks of Kopren, Zdravchenitsa, Kom and Todorini kukli.

The village has a town hall, a church and a shop. The nearest nursery, primary and secondary schools are located in Berkovitsa. Again, there are general practitioners, dentists and specialized medical centers.


Landmarks and tourism

At the end of Kostentsi is a lake suitable for boating and fishing.

"Haydushki vodopadi" /Rebels waterfalls/ are several small waterfall with a height of 2-3 m, located about 23 km southwest of the village. They are in the beautiful valley of Golyama reka /Big river/, which collects the waters of the rivers Tsenkova, Slivashka and Sredna bara.

Only 30 km southeast of Kostentsi is Varshets, well known spa resort with mineral water and pure nature. They treat diseases of the heart, the nervous system and the locomotory system.

In the vicinity of Berkovitsa rises Kaleto hill /Fortress hill/, natural forest park, which protects the city from the strong winds. There are the remains of a medieval Bulgarian fortress.

The city guests can explore the house-museum "Ivan Vazov", the situated nearby Architectural Museum of Culture and the Clock Tower, which is a remarkable monument, built in 1762. It impresses with a solid construction and a beautiful top, where clockwork still works.

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