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Village of Koprivets

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Koprivets is a village situated in Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Byala municipality, Ruse region.

It is located 61 km south-west from town of Ruse, 15 km south-east from town of Byala, 62 km in the same direction from town of Svishtov, 70 km west from town of Razgrad and 61 km north-east from town of Veliko Tarnovo.

Koprivets is set in the Danube plain, in the part of Ludogorie land. The sea altitude is 119 m. The relief characterizes with round low hills and plateau-shaped lands cut through valleys. The climate is humid continental - hot summers and cold winters. The winter temperature is about -10 C,  and the summer temperature is about 30 C.
Baninski Lom River (one of the tributaries of Rusenski Lom River) passes through the village.
The population is approximately 900 people.

Koprivets is a well-developed village. It comprises a town hall, a school, a kindergarten, a doctor's cabinet, a dentist's cabinet, a pharmacy, four shops, three taverns. The local market place is every Saturday.
The population is occupied in agriculture (corn, sun-flower, wheat, barley, oats). In the recent years people started growing roses. Vine massifs with dessert and wine vineyards are planted. Animals are raised in the private houses.
Different species of ducks, partridges, pheasants and quails are bred for reproduction and hunting.


The village is with great potential of hunting tourism. It is in close proximity to the forest of Byala where could be found population of red deer.
Baniska Dam is set several kilometers away. The dam is convenient for agriculture fishing. There are carps, chubs, sheat-fish and other freshwater fish.
St Petka Monastery and St Archangel Michael Church are the local places of interest.
Remains of Roman fortress are set about 3 km away.
Ivanovski Rock Churches are located about 30 km away from the settlement. They distinguish from the other rock churches with its well-preserved wall-paintings. This is a branched net of small rock churches, chapels and cells connected with little roads and rock steps. They are dug out in the rocks of the picturesque canyon of Rusenski Lom River.

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