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Village of Kolyu Marinovo

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Kolyu Marinovo is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Bratya Daskalovi Municipality, Stara Zagora region.

The village is situated 12 km north from the village of Bratya Daskalovi, 28 km northwest from the town of Chirpan, about 72 km west from the city of Stara Zagora and 190 km southeast from the capital Sofia.
Kolyu Marinovo is located at an altitude of 309 meters in the southern part of East Sredna gora mountain/ Sarnena gora/. Situated on two very steep hill on both sides of a small unnamed river, which does not dry up in summer and divides the village in two almost equal parts.
Winter is more severe than in other areas of Stara Zagora. Often in the summer is very hot.

Till 1906 the village name is Kolachevo and till 1949 - Radomir. In 1948 the village was renamed in the name of  guerrilla Kolyu Marinov Iliev.
The permanent population is about 114 inhabitants. The main occupation is agriculture.
Today Kolyu Marinovo has a church, community center and city hall. There is one store. Nearest kindergarten and school is located in the village of Bratya Daskalovi, and the nearest hospital is situated in the town of Chirpan.

Areas around the village that can be interesting for the visitors are:

In the "Radomirya" area there are traces of old settlement in which Roman coins have been found.

In the "Soleni dolchini" area, located about 2 km south from the village, there are oiled pools with salt water, which has not been analyzed yet. Its origin has not been established yet.
Starting from the outskirts in the north of the village can trace part of the failed gold mining galleries, developed and worked thousands of years ago.

In recent years, people that prefer quietness and fresh air buy houses in Kolyu Marinovo. Gradually the village transforms from an agricultural village into a villa zone.

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