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Kolartzi village

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Kolartzi is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Tervel municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 45 km north-west to the town of Dobrich, 22 km east to the town of Tervel and 100 km north to the city of Varna. The village lies in an area known as Dobrudja - the granary of Bulgaria.

general information

The relief is flat. The climate is temperate-continental and is characterised by a hot summer, sunny autumn, cold winter with plenty of snowfalls and a chilly spring. The population numbers to approximately 660 people. Altitude - 217 m. The former name of the village used to be Arabadjii.


It is supposed that a Thracian-Roman settlement has existed there in 3rd-4th century.  Strong evidence for its existence are the plenty of necropolises found and the coins, jewellery, weapons, ceramics and tools found in them. The name of Arabadjii is first to be encountered in a Turkish tax-register from 1676. It has been considered that the name of the village was received after several craftsmen settled there. The settlement's location has been changed several times through its existence.


In the village there is a mayoralty, a doctor's office, food shops, a cafe, a post-office, a park with a beautiful rose garden, a kindergarten, a school, a community center with a rich library. The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. Internet access and coverage of all mobile operators. The roads are in an excellent condition - the Dobrich-Silistra section was completely renovated in 2011. Regular bus transportation is available to the towns of Dobrich and Tervel and the nearby villages..
The nature is remarkable. There are many old water-fountains which are still working. The area of Uzun Kulak near the village is covered with various types of trees which only adds to the area's remarkable beauty. South-east to Kolartzi passes the so called Suha Reka (or "Dry River" in Bulgarian) a beautiful canyon with a dam-lake stocked with fish and inhabited by beautiful water birds. The village is surrounded by forests, meadows, fields of arable land. Several caves are to be found nearby, as well. There are subterranean waters which are "captured " and used for the construction of two big water-fountains near Kolartzi.

development prospects

There are many young people in the village. The unemployment level is low. The main occupation of the locals is the agriculture - farming and stock-breeding. In the village there is a private sheep-farm, built and operating in conformity with the requirements of the EU. The vast fields planted with sun-flowers and wild flowers provide excellent conditions for the development of bee-keeping.
The Dobrich-Silistra main road is the greatest advantage of Kolartzi. After our country has joined the EU the traffic has become heavier. At least once a week organised groups of Romanian tourists stop in the village. Therefore the people of Kolartzi are certain that the village will continue to develop and grow.

cultural events

  • A fair is being held each year on September 6th. As local holidays the fairs exist since ancient times. This is the time when the local hard-working people are meeting dear guests from near and far. At holidays the Bulgarians and the people in Dobrudja in particular give themselves to celebrations - dancing, singing, visiting friends and family, receiving guests at home.

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