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Kochmar village

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Kochmar is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Tervel municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 8 km to the south-east from the town of Tervel, 35 km to the north-west from the town of Dobrich and 55 km to the north-west from the town of Balchik.

general information

The relief is flat-hilly, vast fields are alternating with deciduous forests of oak-tree, ash-tree, lime-tree and elm-tree. The climate is temperate-continental and is characterized by a hot summer, a warm autumn, a cold winter and a cool, but sunny spring. The population numbers to approximately 230 people. The altitude is 203 m.


Presumably, Kochmar was established in 1900. The first settlers used to be Turks. The name of the settlement derives from a legend according to which the name of the first ruler was Kochu Bey and therefore the village was named after him. The initial settlement was situated in nowadays Bekiler area which lies to the north from the nowadays village. A water-fountain built in 1842 has been preserved along with two houses in Macedonian style. A mosque with an area of 160 sq. m was built in 1845 but has later on been demolished.


In the village the is a pensioner's club, a community center with a library, a grocery shop, a food shop, a school which does not currently function, a cafe and a petrol station.
The size of the yards in the village is over 1 000 sq. m and they have a specific structure: one part of the yard is in front of the building (suitable for flower gardens and green areas) and the rest is behind the building (suitable for growing fruits and vegetables).
Water and electricity are supplied on a regular basis. Regular public transportation connects the village to the town of Tervel  and the nearby villages. Coverage of all mobile operators is available, cable TV and internet.
Due to its proximity to the municipal town of Tervel (8 km) the residents of Kochmar may take advantage on all the conveniences offered there - healthcare, education, public services, transportation etc. Free of charge transportation is organized for the pupils from the village to schools in Tervel.

development prospects

The traditional occupation of the locals is the farming. The fertile soils and the favourable climate provide excellent conditions for the cultivation of both oil-yielding and grain cultures such as rape-seed, sun-flower, maize, wheat, barley, oats etc. Well-developed are the fruit growing and the vegetable making, as well.
The proximity to the town of Tervel, the beautiful nature and the fertile land provide excellent opportunities for the development of rural, eco and cognitive tourism as well as for the establishment fruit and vegetable growing farms. Bee-keeping and herb-growing are also successfully being developed by the locals during the past few years.


  • "Suha Reka" (meaning "dry river" in Bulgarian) is located approx. 25 km to the north-east from the village of Kochmar. Some 100 years ago the river was very deep but after part of the surrounding forests have been destroyed the river started to dry out. It is now being filled with water when the snow is melting in spring or after some heavy rainfalls. Nowadays it is known as "the dry river" and has the features of a canyon. The width of the valley is 150-200 m and the length of the river is 240 km, 125 km of which are on the territory of Bulgaria. The river impresses with its high, rocky banks and beautiful limestone rock crowns, vast and small forests. Part of the once rich flora and fauna is still preserved.

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