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Village of Klyuch

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Klyuch is a village in South-western Bulgaria, part of Petrich Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

It is 99 km south-west from town of Blagoevgrad, 19 km in the same direction from town of Petrich, 8 km south-east from the Bulgarian-Macedonian border at Zlatarevo checkpoint and 35 km west from the Bulgarian-Greek border at village of Kulata. The capital of Sofia is about 182 km away.

Village of Klyuch spreads out a hilly region at the northern foot of Belasitsa Mountain, known with the name of Podgorie. The sea altitude is 455 m. Klyuchka River (Lipnitsa) passes through here. It is a right tributary of Strumeshnitsa River.

The climate is transitional Mediterranean and characterizes with hot summer and mild winter.

The population is approximately 920 people.

The village is well-developed and provided with electricity, water and communication equipment (including cable TV and Internet). Partial sewerage system. There is a town-hall, a post office, a police cabinet, a doctor, a dentist, a comprehensive school, a kindergarten, a community centre and commercial areas. Regular bus transportation to town of Petrich and the neighbouring villages.

The region is favourable for vegetable production, tobacco production, stock-breeding, vine-growing and wood-processing.

Cultural and natural sites

Village of Klyuch was distinguished with 'Golden seal' acknowledgement for unique European settlement, due to its ancient history and unique cultural inheritance. The praise was given by the European Expert Forum.

Local place of interest is the temple of 'St Prophet Iliya'.

The settlement of the village keeps pre-historical, ancient and medieval remnants. The historical Belasitsa battle between the troops of the Bulgarian Tzar Samuil and the Byzantium Emperor Vasilii II Bulgarian-killer took place in the so called Klyuchka gorge. Here in the beginning of the XI-th century Tzar Samuil built the Samuil Fortress (5 km away from the village). Today the fortress is a national park-museum and is part of the 100 National Tourist Sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.

The village is one of the convenient starting points for climbing the three-border Tumba mountain top, Lozen mountain top and the high parts of the mountain.

About 29 km away is located Rupite land - famous with its mineral springs and the temple of Vanga Prophet. Above the place rises Kozhuh Mountain - part of an extinct volcano.

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