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village of Kireevo

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Kireevo is a village in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is situated in Makresh municipality, Vidin District.

It is situated at the foot of Stara Planina mountain, near the Bulgarian-Serbian border, about 25 km west of Makresh village, 54 km southwest of Vidin city and approximately 200 km northwest of Sofia city.

The terrain is hilly and the average altitude is 395 meters. The climate is characterized by relatively cold winters and hot summers with little rainfall.

The village has electricity and water. There are mobile coverage and bus transportation to Vidin.

Kireevo has about 230 inhabitants, a town hall, a shop, a church and a library, where a tourist information center and an ethnographic collection are housed. In the neighboring village of Rakovitsa /7 km southeast/ there are a primary school and a kindergarten. Most of the streets in the village are paved. There are operating streetlights.

A general practitioner and a dentist located in Rakovica take care of the people in Kireevo. The district center of Vidin offers specialized medical care.

The village was first settled in 1880 and named after Captain Kireev - a Russian officer from the Russian-Turkish War, whose grave is in Rakovitsa monastery of "Holy Trinity" /about 4 km southeast/.


Landmarks and tourism

Kireevo is a small and picturesque village with excellent opportunities for rural tourism. It is located near a lake, which is suitable for fishing and water sports.
Near the village passes an eco trail named after the plant Erantis bulgaricus that grows only there. The trail passes through a fountain named Petrova cheshma, near the small cave Bear Hole, through century old woods and reaches Chernoglav peak.

In the area of ​​village Kireevo you can visit:

Rakovitsa monastery "Holy Trinity" is located 4 kilometers southeast. It was founded in X-XI century and after the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule it declined. In the XVII century it was restored by St. Pimen of Sofia, but at the end of XVIII century, was burned down. Currently he is restored and constantly operating.

"Magura" cave is located about 20 km far from the village. It is one of the most beautiful caves the country, a part of the 100 national tourist sites.

Belogradchik Rocks - probably the most famous rock formations in Bulgaria, which are also a part of the 100 national tourist sites. They are located about 37 km southeast.

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