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village of Katina

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Katina is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Sofia municipality, Sofia region

It is 21 km north of the center of the capital Sofia. The town of Novi Iskar is just 4 km southeast, the village of Vlado Trichkov is 11 km northeast. 

The village is located in mountain region at the foot of Stara planina mountain and its altitude is about 585 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by cold winter and cool summer while the fall comes early. 

The permanent population in 1292 people. 

Katina is well maintained village - it is with constructed electricity and water systems, there streets are asphalted and with lightning. The connection to Sofia is easy through convenient asphalt road. There is regular bus transportation as well as route taxis. The local people use the phone system, the internet and cable TV connections. 

Here are functioning town hall, stores, restaurant and coffee shop. The nearest kindergarten and school are in the town of Novi Iskar. There are also working medical center and at the capital you will find hospital. 

The most credible theory for origin of its name is that it is derived from the words "skatano", "skrito" - ""katina" that in Bulgarian mean "hidden" or "nested". 

Tourism and landmarks

In 2010, was consecrated the new church "St. 40 Machenitsi" - in it there are ​​relics of St. Tryphon. It was built to where it was formerly a medieval monastery Katina, from which now is preserved an old stone cross.

Just a kilometer northwest of the village of Katina is situated Gradishteto area. There are scattered remains of carved stones, orange thin bricks, rectangular foundations, wide walls, that are 30-40 cm above the ground as well as many pieces of pottery. 

Unique natural phenomenon are the famous Katinski pyramids which are symbol of the village and here are called "Svatovete". They are scattered in a few groups and are with pointed head and reddish-brown colored. They are located in the midst of thick forest in the lower end of Golemiya dol. 

The people that enjoy fishing can take advantage of the conditions that Katina dam offers. 


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