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The village of Kasnakovo

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Kasnakovo is a village in Southern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Dimitrovgard, Haskovo Region.

The village is located 14 km south-west of Dimitrovgrad, 13 km north-west of Haskovo and about 216 km south-east of the capital Sofia city

It is situated in an area with flat relief at an altitude of 141 meters. The climate is continentall-Mediterranean with soft and short winter, dry and hot summer and small amount of annual rainfall. Banska River, right tributary to Maritsa River, passes near the village.

Here live about 340 people.

The village of Kasnakovo has a relatively good infrastructure, the main streets are paved and lighted, there are electricity and water supply systems. All mobile operators have coverage. The village is located only 2 km from European rod E 80. Regular bus transport connects the village with the municipal center and the neighbouring villages.

There are fucntioning town hall, a church, community center, grocery store and a cafe here. Primary school you can find in the municipal center as well as in the regional center - Haskovo, and kindergarten you can find in the village of Krum /6 km in the west/. Medical assistance you can receive by one GP and one dentist again there. General hospital you will find either in Haskovo or in Dimitrovgrad.



Between the village of Kasnakovo and the village of Klokotnitsa is located the Pagan sanctuary of Aphrodite and the nymphs. It is a semicircular area with a spring of mineral water. The area is known as Gyor Bunar.

A few meters from there is situated the "Kirkova hole" - unexplored cave, where according to the legend, Kir Theodore Komnenos was hiding, after being defeated by king Ivan Asen near the village of  Klokotnitsa, the cliff at the entrance, again according to legend, has a print of Theodore's horseshoe.

Moreover, in the village of Kasnakovo was discovered a suburban villa of a wealthy Thracian landowner from the Roman era of Thrace. In the Bulgarian lands only one more such building, richly decorated with marble, was found - the Roman palace Villa Armira near Ivaylovgrad.

In the village of Stalevo / 16 km north-west / is located the late Byzantine and medieval fortress Hasarya where in ancien times the Mileona Thracian fortress was assumed to be. In Stalevo you can also visit the chapel "St. 40 Martyrs", close to which is situated a large stone (rock) with a hole in it through which people squeeze for health, called the "squeeze".

Not far from there you can find another large stone named "Krali Marko's stone". It has four large holes carved on it resembling steps, which collect water. According to locals, the water does not evaporate in the greatest heat. It is believed that if you sprayed a sore spot with this water - you will heal.

In Dimitrovgrad you can visit the following sites:

  • Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium Giordano Bruno, located in  "Nikola Vaptsarov" park;
  • Historical museum with several permanent exhibitions, divided thematically.

In Haskovo interesting for tourists are: The Regional History Museum, the statue of Virgin Mary and the museum Chorbadzhi Paskalevata house.

Each year on the day of Spas in the area Gyor Bunar near the village of Kasnakovo, a traditional fair is held.

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Photos: http://www.panoramio.com

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