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Village of Kashina

See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Blagoevgrad Region - Kashina

Kashina is a village in South-western Bulgaria. It is part of Sandanski Municipality, Blagoevgrad Region.

It is about 90 km south-east of Blagoevgrad, 35 km in the same direction of Sandanski and 15 km east of Melnik.

The population of the village is about 20 people.

The relief is mostly mountainous, on 728 m above the sea level.
The climate is transitional-Mediterranean with mild winter (the snow cover usually keeps for several days) and the average summer temperature is about 25 C.

Kashina is provided with electricity, water and telephone net.

About 27 km away passes the European road E79, which connects the village with Sandanski, Blagoevgrad and Kulata-Promahon checkpoint.

The village is accessible by a rough road in very bad condition. Nevertheless there is direct transport connection with it. Each Monday, Saturday and Sunday Kashina is served by a bus going to Melnik and Rozhen.

The church in Kashina - 'Uspenie Bogorodichno' was constructed in the first half of the XIX-th century. It is a monument of culture.

A doctor visits the village and serves its residents.

The nearest hospitals and education centres are in town of Sandanski.

Tourist and cultural landmarks

Kashina waterfall is one of the biggest and most beautiful natural sites in Pirin Mountain. It is popular as Skoko. The waterfall height is about 20 m. It is situated about 2 km away of the village. The waterfall is accessible by a marked road. The distance could be taken for about 30-40 minutes by foot. Excellent place for going for a walk in the amazing nature.

About 4 km south of the village could by seen the remains of a late medieval settlement. In west direction is 'Shemnitsa' area where remains of a settlement of the Bronze and Iron Ages were found as well.

Rozhen Monastery is the biggest monastery in Pirin Mountain. It is one of the several Bulgarian medieval monasteries that are well-preserved until nowadays. It is situated 10 km away of Kashina. The monastery reveals splendid panoramic view of the mountain tops of Pirin and Belasitsa, and the popular Melnik pyramids.

Among Melnik tourist sites is Kordopulova house - the biggest well-preserved residential building on the Balkans from the Bulgarian Revival period. It is with impressive wall-paintings, wood-carved ceilings and huge cellar. Nowadays the house hosts the 'Melnik cellar' exhibition.

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