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The village of Karlukovo

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Karlukovo is a village in northern Bulgaria, part of Lukovit Municipality, Lovech region.

It lies about 80 km northwestern direction of the town of Lovetch and about 10 km southwestern direction from the town of Lukovit.

The population is about 670 inhabitants.

The terrain is hilly plain with average altitude of 270 m.
The climate is temperate continental with warm, dry summer and mild winter.

The village has electricity, partial sewerage installation, water main and partly paved and lightened streets. There is Internet and telecommunications, as well as coverage of mobile operators.

About 8 km from the village passes European road E83 (Sofia – Rousse and Sofia – Pleven).

There is regular bus transport from the village connecting it with the cities of Lukovit and Sofia. Close to the village is located railway station Karlukovo.

The village has a town hall, post office, community center and church. There is also a network of retail shops, restaurants and cafes.

General practitioners serves the needs of the inhabitants.


Places of interest and tourism

ThevillageofKarlukovois a preferred tourist destination for those who like beautiful nature and caves. Year round people are going there to climb rock formations and visit the caves. In the area around the village there are about 1200 caves. There are two lodges to accommodate tourists – Provartenik and the National Cave House “Petar Trenteev”.

On the village territory is located Karlucovo carst complex, which is part of the first Bulgarian Geopark – Geopark Iskar-Panega.

The village of Karlukovo is located in closeness to Iskar river, which in the summer  is cool and nice place for fishing, resting and walk-arounds.

At a distance less than 1 km from the village is situated the cave “Prehodna”, which is one of the most famous caves in the region of Lukovit. “Prehodna” has the longest cave tunnel inBulgaria– 262 m. It was declared a natural monument in year 1962.

In the surroundings of the city of Lukovit there are many unique rock formations and natural attractions such as the circus “Kotlen”, rock-falls “Dayma”, the beautiful canyon of “Kotlen”, the lagoon with the circular marsh, e.t.c.




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