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Village of Kapitan Petko voyvoda

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Kapitan Petko voyvoda is a village in the south part of Bulgaria, in Topolovgrad municipality, Haskovo region.

The village is located only 8 km away from the town of Topolovgrad, about 34 km away from the town of Elhovo, and only 50 km driving away from the Bulgaria-Greece check-point. The distance to the capital of Sofia is 264 km and to the town of Haskovo 94 km.

The population of the village is about 170 people. Its altitude is 225 m.

Medical care: general practitioner (GP) and a dentist you can find in the nearby village of Oreshnik, which is located only 4 km away. Kindergarten and а primary school can be found again in the same village.

History: originally the village was named Dogandzha, Doganoglu, Dogan and Vellell. Its earliest inhabitants belong to the so-called dogandzhii (falconers) - population which was exempt from certain taxes against obligation to provide and tame falcons for hunting to the sultan's court. From here comes the name of the village. One of the first reports of Duganov date back to 1485 when mentioned in an Ottoman document. In the middle of the next century XVII it is noted that in Duganov have lived about 80 Christian families. In the following centuries the tendency of changing the ethnic composition of the village is likely to continue till the late XIX. In the early XX century its entire population was Greek (the. Carrion). In the first half of 1920 Duganov again completely changed its ethnic identity.

By Decree № 2902 of 20th of December 1989, the President of the State Council of Republic of Bulgaria renamed Duganov village to Captain Petko Voyvoda, in honor of the great revolutionary and rebel Petko Voyvoda.

The official holiday of the village of Kapitan Petko Voivode is celebrated at 1st of May.

Near the village there are a number of artificial lakes, so those of you who are interest of fishing have the opportunity to keep practice there. 

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