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Village of Kapinovo

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Kapinovo is a village located in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region.

There is another village in Bulgaria with the same name. It is part of General Toshevo Municipality, Dobrich region.

Kapinovo is situated 17 km south-east from town of Veliko Tarnovo, 22 km north-west from town of Elena, 18 km south from town of Gorna Oryahovitsa and 260 km east from city of Sofia.

Its population is approximately 300 people.

The village spreads out the banks of Veselina River, at the foot of the Balkan Mountain.

The climate characterizes with warm summer and cold winter.

Kapinovo is with well-developed infrastructure. Electricity, water and coverage of the mobile operators are provided. Most of the streets are asphalted.

The settlement comprises food shops, public houses, cafes, a post office and a club of the pensioners and the handicapped people. There are some small family houses offering accommodation of the guests.

Yovkovtsi Dam and five micro-dams are located in close proximity. Yovkovtsi Dam is one of the biggest dams in the country. The dam together with Veselina River are excellent places for fishing.

Regular bus transportation to and from the towns of Elena and Veliko Tarnovo, and the neighbouring villages.

The village is a preferred place for recreation of many citizens of Veliko Tarnovo. Several families of England live here as well.

Landmarks and tourism

Kapinovo has more than 820 years of history. It was founded in the year of 1188. Nowadays it is one of the most preferred and well-developed settlements in the region.

The visitors may see the church of St Peter and Pavel in the centre of the village. It was built in the beginning of the XXth century. In close proximity is the central square where the Monument of the dead soldiers is.

Just 8 km away from the village is located Kapinovski Monastery of St Nicola. This is one of the most picturesque and visited monasteries in the country. Rock fair takes place here every year. Next to the monastery is located the Kapinovski Waterfall.

In close proximity are located Plachkovski and Kilifarevski Monasteries.

Just 5 km away from the village is located village of Mindya where rock fest takes place as well.

The historical museum in Veliko Tarnovo keeps the golden finds of IV-V century from the Kapinovo.

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