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Kameno pole

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Kameno pole is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in the Roman municipality, Vratza Region.

Village Kameno pole is located in the Foremountain in northwestern Bulgaria. It is located exactly halfway between  Cherven Bryag and Mezdra. The extraction of copper and iron ore is typical for rocky areas  ин such settlement. River Harchene runs through it  forming a medical karst springs. In Kameno village there is has unique caves, and to its northern end are many Thracian mounds , today the subject of i treasure seekers invasion. Near the village there are rock formations declared landmarks. Today, in the territory of the village Kameno pole is built  a large dam.
 According to some scientists Kameno pole village is a settlement of about 40 000 years and is one of the oldest settled places in the world. Since ancient times it is market center . Becomes market district  officially on June 26, 1880 by Decree № 317. In the village most famous families are those of Katiranite  and Hodzhovtsite who did much for the benefit of the village, school construction, home health, library and many fountains. Another famous family are Tarilite. At the end of the village is a desolate church, which villagers say that Ivan Assen II ever built, / for which there has been evidence and to spread the legend that in the ground and cursed buried gold. The content of the Northern folklore of this region is rich. It is a mixture of various traditions of ancient people and new cultures of people of 18 and 19 century. The most popular folk dances are performed in rural square until the middle of the 20th century. The village is famous for its dances / horo/ - and Gankino Kamenopolsko  which are  held in the testimonies of the Museum of folklore.
In the village passes the beautiful river Harchene which way and form a very picturesque gorges entities. Rich nature of Kameno pole has 3500 species of herbs and hundreds of square meters pine forests. In each house the centuries-old traditions are kept and maintained the flame of patriotism since the time of Ottoman rule. Every Day is celebrated with richly table near the fire and long round  "horo" on the the square, and in particular celebrate March 3, the day of the Bulgarian liberation and September 6, Unification of Bulgaria. With Christmas round the village walk waits, at Enyoveden  people perform rituals for health and fertility. Kameno pole is best known for national costumes, variety of  dances and many specific songs.
Every year people take the levels of the early spring and plant their crops in order to calm their winter. Small library in the school is a center for exchange of books and written works. Residents much appreciate it.

In the old records is was find out that the school was built in 1835   and the new church opens its doors in the next 1836. In the village  people still tell stories 200-300 years old. One of the popular beliefs is for the  "mistress of the river" who takes victim from the rocks each 100 years.
The annual fair of the village is held on 22 March.


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