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Kamen Bryag Village

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Kamen Bryag is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Kavarna municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 72 km south-east to the town of Dobrich, 20 km north-east to the town of Kavarna, 31 km north-east to the town of Balchik and 83 km north to the city of Varna.

general information

As the name of the village suggests (in Bulgarian Kamen Bryag means "rocky coast") it is situated on a rocky sea-coast. Ever since Thracian times the settlement has been popular for its rocky coast covered with caves hiding ancient secrets. The relief is flat. The climate is maritime, characterised by a cool summer, a windy, yet warm autumn, mild winter and a sunny spring. The population of the village numbers to approximately 70 people. Altitude - 25 m. The former name of the village used to be Kaya Bey Kyoy, which translated from Turkish literally means "the village of the stone master".


The village is small, but its inhabitants may take advantage on various types of conveniences and services: a mayoralty, a community center with a library, an Orthodox church, food shops, guest houses, restaurants and taverns. All properties on the territory of the village are supplied with both water and electricity. Kamen Bryag offers to its inhabitants all kinds of modern communications - coverage of all mobile operators, internet, satellite TV, a digital telephone exchange etc. The roads are in a good condition. Regular bus transportation connects the village to the municipal center of Kavarna.
In July 2007 an information center has been established in the village to present the archaeological reserve of Yaylata and other landmarks in the area to the tourists visiting the area.
The local people are famous for the the home-made wine and brandy they produce. Due to the favourable climate they are traditionally occupied in agriculture and vine-growing.


Kamen Bryag is a resort settlement and as such it offers its visitors the opportunity to fully enjoy the unique nature in the area. In spite of the fact that it is a popular tourist destination the village is neither noisy, nor overpopulated. It generally attracts tourists craving tranquillity, peacefulness and virgin nature. There are no massive holiday complexes, luxurious hotels and noisy discotheques in Kamen Bryag but the beautiful, mysterious  rocky coast often echoes with the gentle sounds of the guitars played by the young people camping there. Serenity, placidity, unique landscape, crystal clear air - these are just part of the merits of the settlement to make the tourists came back over and over again. Some of the people who tasted the magic of this place would buy a property in the village, willing to settle there permanently.
The day in Kamen Bryag may turn out to be really short if you are infatuated with fishing, scuba diving or bird observation or if you are interested in archaeology or bio-energy phenomena. In the solitude of the rocky coast and the steep rock formations one could enjoy the caresses of the sun and fishing or dare extreme challenges such as climbing, diving and paragliding.

landmarks and events

  • Yaylata area lies some 2 km away from the village of Kamen Bryag. It has been inhabited during the past seven thousand years by Thracians, Romans, Greeks, Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians. The ancient shrines revealed there prove the cult to various pagan divinities. An ancient Thracian necropolis with two-chamber tombs dated back to the 2nd century has been discovered there, as well. In the area there are over 100 cave dwellings. According to several hypotheses, many centuries ago, this area used to be inhabited by the Sarmatians. The legend has it that Lysimachus - the deputy of Alexander the Great has concealed a remarkable treasure somewhere in the rocks. Over 50 various bird species are nesting in Yaylata (such as: Cormorant, Hoopoe, Kentish Plover, European Roller, Eurasian Eagle-owl). One of the main bird migration routes known as Via Pontica is passing above this unique area. The reserve is also a natural environment for 19 rare and endangered plants. The beauty of the reserve is fully revealed in spring when the peonies are blooming.
  • Located 1.5 km away from Yaylata right next to the rocks lies Ogancheto ("the flame") area. It is named after a 50 cm tall flame which burns ceaselessly for over a half century now in a crack between the rocks due to a leak of a naturally inflammable gas.
  •  A fair is being held each year on June 3rd. It is being celebrated with a rich folklore program with the participation of ensembles from all villages in the area.
  • A rock climbing competition is being organized each year in August.
  • The traditional "Wind and Sea" plain-air is held at the beginning of September on an annual basis. The participants are artists and sculptors from Bulgaria and abroad. The plain-air ends with a exhibition at the Kavarna art gallery as the exhibition then goes on a tour around Bulgaria.
  • The most significant event of all, though, is the July Morning when people come over from all around the country to meet the first July morning to the sounds of the legendary song of "Uriah Heep"


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