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village of Kalugerovo

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Kalugerovo is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is located in Pravets municipality, Sofia region

In Bulgaria there are two villages, bearing the same name - in Lesichovo municipality, Pazardjik region and in Simeonovgrad municipality, Haskovo region
It is 13 km north of Pravets, 80 km northwest of Sofia, 25 km in the same direction from the town of Botevgrad

It consists of a central part and several neighborhoods, including: Gabrika, Chekotin, Dimitrovtsi, Dzhidzhelkovets, Zlatovtsi, Kardashitsa, Tran Staykovtsi, Rudarets. 

Kalugerovo Village is located in a mountainous area. Just to the village flows Malak Iskar river

The climate throughout Botevgrad Valley is often crude - a long winter, short spring - cool and windy, and summer here is hot and dry. 

The village is electrified, with maintained infrastructure. There are electricity, water supply and communication networks. Missing sewerage network. 
The village has 2 pubs and store the local consumer cooperative. It also has a functioning health service, located in village hall.In the same building is located and the community center, which has a library and parlor meetings. There are amateur folklore group. 
Regular bus service to settlements in the area. Nearby passes Hemus highway. 


In the neighborhood is located Chekotinski Monastery of St. Archangel Michael. The main church of the monastery from the XIV century. The monastery was renovated and the hotel operates its part. 
Interesting is iconostasis of the church. It is the end of XVIII - early XIX century and is a work of unknown local master. 
Near the monastery is located Chekotinski Bozhenishki Urvich fortress, where open and called Sevast-Ognyanov inscription. The inscription is a valuable monument of the last years of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom and the struggle of the Bulgarian people against the Ottoman invasion. 
In the village Kalugerovo there is a monument of gratitude to the liberators. They tell it Russian monument. Far from it are lined scenic pools along the river which in summer are a great attraction. In the neighborhood are preserved Chekotin unique old homes. 

Nature, peace and the remaining of old age people are unique.Over the river Iskar is preserved old Roman bridge that passes for Chekotinski monastery. 

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