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Village of Katselovo

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Katselovo is a village in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Dve mogili Municipality, Ruse Region.

It is 45 km south from the centre of Ruse, 22 km south-east from Dve mogili, 289 km north-east from Sofia and 180 km north-west from Varna. Regular bus transportation goes to Ruse and Dve mogili.

The population is approximately 820 people.

The village spreads out the valley of Chreni Lom River, in the eastern part of the Danube plain. Plain, hilly area with humid continental climate. Hot, dry summer and cold winter.

Katselovo is well-developed and provided with electricity, water, and communication equipment. There is a town-hall, a post office, a community centre with a library, an orthodox church, a doctor, a production-consumer co-operation, a petrol station, food shops and public houses. Health services and education centres are available in the municipal centre - Dve mogili.

Most of the population grow vegetables, cows, goats, poultry. You can fish carps in the dams around Cherni lom River.

Landmarks and tourism

Places of interest in Katselovo are the monuments in honour of the Bulgarian and Russian soldiers who had died in the wars for the country. The local Orthodox Church 'Uspenie Bogorodichno' was built in 1863.

Katselovo is the host of the First fair of the 'hartsoi' - one of the oldest ethnical groups in Bulgaria.

Tourist sites in the region are:

  • Orlova chuka cave (17 km) - the second longest cave in Bulgaria. You can find accommodation in the rest-house next to the cave. The conditions are excellent for barbecue, archery, horse-riding, etc.
  • The Girls Monastery 'St Marina' in village of Karan Varbovka (11 km) - one of the old Bulgarian monasteries, which had been established during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The monastery is open all-year-round.
  • The Medieval town of Cherven (12 km) - archeological site with significant contribution to studying the medieval Bulgarian culture. 

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