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village of Kabile

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Kabile is a village in Southeastern Bulgaria, it is part of Tundzha municipality, Yambol region.

It is situated 6 km southwest of Yambol, 21 km southeastern of Sliven and 39 km east of Nova Zagora.

The village lies at the foot of the last hill of the Sredna Gora Mountains - Zaichi vrah. The terrain is mostly flat area, the climate is a mix between transient-continental and continental-Mediterranean. The area is one of the hotest in the country, the average January temperature ranges over 0 C and the average July over 22 C. 

The population is about 1080 people.


Infrastructure is well developed - the village has electricity, water, a telephone exchange, cable TV and coverage of all mobile operators. Regular bus services operate routes along theneighbouring villages. A few hundred meters to the north is going tо be built the prolongtion of Trakia highway.

In Kabyle there is a nursery school, a new football field, cozy hotel. In the center is a newly built confectionary house, and at the beginning of the village entrepreneurs have made modern horse riding for development, promotion and revival of traditions of equestrian sport in this part of Bulgaria. A restaurant, new hotel, a pharmacy and a modern spa center are yet to be built. For most of the houses in the village there is a modernization project for rural tourism development and promotion of settlement in Bulgaria and around the world.

In the center is located the village fountain, which has a very modern look. Next to it is a children's playground and recreation area.

Tourism and landmarks

Nowadays Kabyle village is located within the most important and biggest ancient Thracian city. The architectural remains are impressive, many of them are preserved and restored. The finds are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum in the village.

1 km south of the settlement is the female monastery "Uspenie na Sv. Bogoroditsa" /Assumption of the Virgin Mary/. The monastery was founded around a spring of water, which is believed to be curative. As a convent, monastery existed until the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule. It is believed that the last Bulgarian Patriarch - Patriarch Euthymius, visited the monartery on the way to his confinement in the Bachkovo monastery.

At about 1 km east of the Kabyle region is Ormana area - forest with separated children's park with swings and slides. This area is frequently visited as it is suitable for picnics.

Every year in February in the village is held Mummers feast (called Kukerovden). The mummers group of Kabyle is a laureate of national and international festivals in Poland, France and the Czech Republic. The community center has a dance, carol, singing folk and children's groups, which are keeping Bulgarian folklore and dance alive.


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