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Village of Ivanovo

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Ivanovo is a village in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Ivanovo Municipality, Ruse region.

There are four more settlements in Bulgaria with the same name. They are located in the municipalities of Varbitsa (Shumen region), Petrich (Blagoevgrad region), Harmanli (Haskovo) and Rudozem (Smolyan).

Ivanovo is 22 km south-west from town of Ruse, 35 km north-east from town of Byala, 63 km east from town of Svishtov and 71 km north-west from town of Razgrad.
The population is approximately 900 people.
The settlement is located in the north-eastern part of the Danube plain. The relief characterizes with low-lying, hilly and flat lands. This is of good advantage of the agriculture and the development of the technical infrastructure. The summer is dry and hot, the winter - cold.
Ivanovo is provided with electricity, water supply and telephone system. There is cable TV net and mobile phone range.
International road E85 Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo-Makaza passes several kilometers away from Ivanovo. The railway station Ruse-Gorna Oryahovitsa-Sofia makes the transportation easier of the population to the bigger towns in the country.
There is a comprehensive school, a kindergarten, a community centre, a doctor and two dentists in the village.
The inhabitance is mainly occupied in the agriculture. The soils are suitable for growing vegetables, grain and forage plants, vines, etc. The good base of forage plants develops the stock-breeding - pig-breeding, cattle-breeding and poultry-raising. The water areas of Danube River allow the development of industrial fish-breeding and bee-keeping.


The region is with picturesque nature. There are conditions for eco, fishing and mountainous tourism.
Ivanovo Rock Monastery is an interesting site attracting many tourists. The medieval churches are set in the rocks along the beautiful valley of Rusenski Lom River. Their statute - archeological reserve. The monastery from the XIV century is protected by UNESCO. The rock churches keep the spirit of one of the most interesting epochs of the development of the orthodox art.
Natural Park 'Rusenski Lom' is located in a picturesque canyon typed valley of the last right tributary of Danube River - Rusenski Lom River. There are 192 species of birds - 172 of them are very rare and protected. About 110 nest at the rocks of the park. There are 30 protected mammals out of 67.

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