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village of Iskrec

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Iskrets is a village in Western Bulgaria, part of Svoge Municipality, Sofia District.

It is about 45 km north of Sofia, 8 km northwest of Svoge.
The population is about 2000 people.

Iskrets Village is one of the largest villages in northwestern Bulgaria and the second longest village in the Sofia region after village Gintsi.

It lies in the low mountainous area. The average altitude is 595 meters.

The municipality falls within the temperate climatic zone. Typically there are cold winters, cool summers and - occurring early autumn, compared to other parts of the country. Along the river Iskretska is a specific microclimate suitable for spa treatment of pulmonary diseases.

The village is situated on two rivers - the smaller Kozla, which springs from Buchin prohod, and bigger - Iskretska river, which flows into the Iskar River in Svoge. Near the settlement are three groups of karst springs, known as Iskretski springs.
The village is with all neessary utilities, built a water and electricity supply networks.
In the process of building a treatment plant for drinking water.
In Iskrets there is coverage of all mobile operators, automatic telephone exchange, cable TV and Internet.
On its territory there are town hall, community center, elementary school kindergarten, church, shops.
Shuttle Bus connect settlements in the municipality.
The village has its own football team - Iskra, which is one of the oldest in Bulgaria (founded in 1924).
In the village Iskrets there is a sanatorium for pulmonary patients and two dental offices. The occupations are agriculture and livestock. This work footwear company and a small sewing workshop. Some residents work in the municipal center - Svoge.


Iskretski Monastery
 "Uspenie Bogorodichno"- located in the territory of the sanatorium for pulmonary patients, at the foot of the mountain Ponor of Western Balkan Mountains, about 2 km east of the village Iskrets.
It is founded in XIII century is a complex of church and residential buildings.
South of the church is located christening-tribunal (built in 1856) with painted walls, which is the only of its kind in the Bulgarian monasteries.
The monastery was declared a cultural monument.

Near the village there are many caves that attract lovers - speleologists. Most famous are the Dushnika (total length 876 m), Bear Hole (total length 142 m), spring (total length 240 m) and others. Cave Dushnika is one of the most interesting in the Ponor Mountains, because after the final siphon can be entered into the big water of the mountain system, which departs from the pot-holes in the north and part.

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