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village of Hayredin

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Hayredin is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is the administrative center of the Hayredin municipality, Vratsa District.

The village is situated on the left bank of Ogosta river, about 33 km southwest of Oryahovo, about 30 km north of Kozloduy, about 60 km far from Vratsa and approximately 170 km away from Sofia in the same direction.

The terrain is flat and slightly hilly and the average altitude is 53 meters. Climate is temperate continental with cold winters and hot summers.

The village has electricity, water and mobile coverage.
There are regular buses from Hayredin to the surrounding villages and towns of Kozloduy, Oryahovo, Vratsa and Sofia.

Hajredin is a big and well developed village with population of about 1600 people. The village has a post office, a church, a library, a high school, a kindergarten, a youth and a pensioner club, several grocery stores and restaurants.

Health care of the population is taken by a general practitioner and a dentist. Specialized assistance can be obtained in the medical centers in Vratsa.


Landmarks and tourism

According to local popular assertions the village was founded in 1574 when Hayredin Pasha, ruler of the area, gave land to four families to settle. In his honor the village was named after him.

The fair of Hairedin is being celebrated in the last week of October.

The village is a nice place to live. It falls in the fertile area of ​​Zlatiyata, with 122 species of birds, 28 of which are indangered.
Guests Hayredin can walk to a nearby cave famous as Homichina dupka (19 meters deep and 17 meters wide) or visit:

  • The National Archaeological Reserve of "Augusta", located 5 km north of the village Harlets /19 km northeast of Hayredin/. Excavations have revealed the remains of a fortress with three towers and thirteen gates.
  • The National History museum of Kozloduy - "Steamer Radetzky" branch. The museum ship was renovated in 2012. It is the only floating museum in the Balkans.

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