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village of Gurkovo

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Gurkovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Botevgrad municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria there are two settlements that are with the same name these are the village of Gurkovo, Balchik municipality, Dobrich region and the town of Gurkovo, Gurkovo municipality, Stara Zagora region.

It is 14 km northwest of the town of Botevgrad and 75 km northeast of the capital Sofia. The neighboring villages Novachene, Litakovo and Radotina are 4 km east, 5 km south and 5 km southeast.

It is situated in the north part of the Botevgrad hollow, its altitude is 370 m. The climate in the whole hollow is severe with long winter, short spring that is cool and windy, while the summer is dry and hot.

The village is well maintained and is with good infrastructure. There are constructed electricity and water systems, also phone central. The main streets are asphalted and with lighting. There is regular bus transportation to the other settlements in the municipality.

The permanent population is about 289 people.

In Gurkovo are functioning town hall, community center, store and restaurant. In the village of Novachene you will find primary school and kindergarten. The nearest GP works in the neighboring village of Litakovo and specialized medical assistance you can get at the medical center in the town of Botevgrad, also there are high schools. The hospitals are on the territory of the capital Sofia. 

Interesting detail is that before 1884 the name of the village was Urutsite - Turkish tribes that inhabited Asia Minor, Thracian territories, Macedonia and Epyr.

The monastery St Nickolay is located in the southwest part of Lakavishki rid just 2 km from Skravena village. Here there was pagan sanctuary and in the reign of king Petar was replaced by a Orthodox church. In 1938 priest from the village of Chelopech saw in his dream St Nikolay and he decided that this dream is a prophecy as the saint showed his a demolished by the Turks temple. When the excavations began there were found the foundations of a burned temple, cell with large fireplace and skeletons of people, that took part in the defense of the holy place.

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