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village of Gubesh

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Gubesh is a village in West Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality Godech, Sofia region

It is 10 km north of the town of Godech and 58 km northwest of the capital Sofia. The neighboring village of Komtshitsa is 6 km in the same direction while the state border with Serbia is also near.

It is located in mountain area and its altitude is about 1040 m. The climate is temperate while the summer is hot and the winter is cool. The amount of precipitation is little.

The permanent population is about 53 people.

The village is with electricity and water from local sources. To the village leads asphalt road and bus transportation connects it to the other settlements.

The administrative care is taken from the mayor's vice royalty.

The nearest school, kindergarten as well as stores are in the town of Godech. There again you can get specialized medical assistance in the hospital. 

Tourism and landmarks

In the area of the village of Gubesh there are many rock formations and among them are the caves Tizoin, El Saguaro, Tamnata dupka etc. There are suitable for the people that enjoy the extreme experience but the tourists that are not professionals must go in with a trained guide.

Here is constructed the Orthodox temple "St Troitsa" (XV - XVI c.). On its facade just left of the door is built-in stone with relief image of eagle.

North of the village is located the road to Kom peak. The view is very beautiful as the route passes near the canyon of Visochitsa river and continues to the peak.

Landmark in the municipality is Aldomirovskoto marsh in which grows the very rare snowdrop. It is protected area where there are many rare species of plants and water birds. The area is 129,40 hectares.

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