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village of Gralska Padina

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Gralska padina is a village in West Bulgaria. It is located in Dragoman municipality, Sofia region.

It is located 30 km southwest of the village of Kalotina, near which is the border checkpoint Kalotina. It is 18 km southwest of the town of Dragoman, 30 km northwest of the town of Slivnitsa, 56 km northwest of the town of Pernik and about 59 km northwest from the capital Sofia.

The village of Gralska padina is located in Vlashka mountain and just to the Serbian border. Through the village passes small river. The altitude is about 792 m.

The climate is temperate and the summer is hot while the winter is cool. The amount of precipitation is little.

The permanent population is about 16 people.

It is located around asphalt road. The nearest kindergarten and school are working in the municipality - the town of Dragoman. For the health of the people takes care GPs with cabinets in Dragoman.

Tourism and landmarks

With its natural conditions and gorgeous landscape also the nature is almost untouched, the territory around Dragoman is paramount to become attractive place for mountain tourism. The high rocks, the karst forms and formations attract the attention of the tourists - mountain climbers, para gliders and cavers while the non explored - archaeologists and botanists.

The people that enjoy extreme sports may go and climb with para glider Chepan peak and one of the best places for this sport.

Interesting tourist destination are the architecture and historic landmarks as Razboishki monastery, Cheparlyanski monastery etc.

Dragoman swamp is the only in Bulgaria with karst origin that makes it very important especially for preserving nature. It is located in wide meadow that is surrounded by limestone heights with area about 400 hectares.
It was declared a nature reserve, part of the ornithological importance of place - Rayanovski wet meadows.
Swamp is located in the path of migrating birds Via Aristotelis, they stop here in the rich marsh vegetation to relax before you fly again.

Temnata dupka is just in proximity to Lilyantsi dam and about half a kilometer from Baichishte neighborhood above the village of Berende izvor. It is 425 m long and in it there are many different cave formations as stalactites, stalagmites, partitions, lakes and wells, cave pearls, stone lilies and other typical formations. It is declared for natural formation.


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