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Vilaage of Gradnitsa

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Gradnitsa is a village in northern Bulgaria. It is located in Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo district.

In Bulgaria there is another village of the same name - in Tervel municipality, Dobrich region.

It is situated 16 km northeast of the town of Sevlievo, 37 km northwest of the town of Gabrovo, 33 km southeast of the town of Lovech, 62 km west of Veliko Tarnovo and 170 kilometers east of the capital - Sofia.

 The altitude of the village is 393 meters, the climate is temperate. The climate is characterized by cold winters with heavy snow and relatively warm summers with sunshine duration. Pass through the village and Vidima River flowing into it - Boazka River.

The population numbers about 1230 inhabitants. The village has electricity and water supply as well as built sewer system. In the village Gradnitsa has Internet access. The village has regular bus service to the town of Sevlievo, Troyan, Veliko Tarnovo.

There are town hall, community center, church, kindergarten, elementary school, High School for transport and engineering, manufacturing facility for faucets and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. The village has five GPs and pharmacy. The nearest hospitals and dentists are located in Sevlievo.

 Landmarks and tourism:

Ancient fortress was found in the village Gradnitsa. It is assumed that dates from the XII century - the Second Bulgarian kingdom.

6 km east of the village is located Dushevo Dam, which offers opportunities for recreation and fishing.

 29 km northeast of the village is the dam of Alexander Stamboliiski, which flow into rivers Vidima and Rosica. In the lake there are plenty of mrena, chub, bream and bleak. Sport fishing lovers from all over the area can find here a pleasant respite.

In Sevlievo, tourists can see the house-museum "Hajistoyan School" museum "Dan Koloff," The Clock Tower, the Monument of Freedom, House of Culture "Mara Belcheva" bridge over the River Rosica built by Kolyu Ficheto , Park "Chernichkite" church "St. Elijah the Prophet "and others.

In Gabrovo, you can visit the famous secondary school, the National Museum of Education, the House of Humour and Satire, architectural and ethnographic complex "museum", the "Usana" locality "Gradishte", National Astronomical Observatory and planetarium, zoo and more.


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