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village of Gorno Preshtene

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Gorno Peshtene is a village in North-west Bulgaria. It is in Vratsa Municipality, District of Vratsa.

It is disposed in the left riverbank of  River Skut, about 4 km north-west of the village of Tishevitsa, about 18 km north-east of the town of Vratsa and about 118 km away from the capital of Sofia in the same direction.

The relief is flat and slightly hilly, as the average altitude is 261 m.  Climate is moderate continental, characterized with cold winters and hot summers.
The region is suitable for growing crops, such as corn, wheat and sunflower. Has developed viticulture and horticulture. 

The village has electricity and water-supply, most streets are asphalted. There is coverage of all mobile operators, as well as regular bus transportation to Vratsa.

The population of Gorno Peshtene is about 400 residents. There is town house, church, community center, shop and a park at their disposal. The closest primary school is in the village of Tishevitsa, kindergartens and high schools are in the district town.

Medical services are provided by GP, and the closest hospital is in the town of Vratsa.


Gorno Peshtene is situated close to a dam, appropriate for fishing. The village is with preserved  folk customs and rituals that recreate the local fair Oct. 14 / Petkovden /.

In the region the following landmarks can be visited: 

  • "St. Archangel Michael" Temple in Tishevitsa, which is one of the oldest in the area. It was restored in 2003, and students from the National Art Academy restore the mural, which depicts the Last Judgment.
  • Vrattsata pass near Vratsa. At the point where the River Leva passes through the mountain, over time a wonderful passage was formed. High vertical cliffs are a favorite place for extreme tourism.
  • Ledenika Cave, located approximately 16 km west of Vratsa and about 34 km from Gorno Peshtene. Its entrance is located in the lowest part of Ledenishkiya uval at an altitude of 830 m

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