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village of Gorni okol

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Gorni Okol is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is located in Samokov municipality, Sofia district. 

It is 16 km north of Samokov, about 44 km southeast of Sofia and about 26 km north of the ski resort Borovets
Located in the eastern part of the Plana Mountain, near little river Vuyna (also called Okolska River), tributary of Iskar, at height of about 950 m. 
The climate is temperate. Typically there are cool summers and long winters. The average January temperature for the area is abount -2,6 º C and in July - about 18,5 º C. The air is very clean, nature preserved. 
It is only 3 kilometers from the shore of the Iskar Dam. 
Gorni Okol is fully electrified and water supplierd. All mobile operators have coverage. 
The village has a town hall, community center, library, post office. The nearest schools and health facilities are in the town of Samokov. 

Tourism and Sightseeing 

The area is very suitable for recreation and tourism all year round, offering skiing, hiking, fishing and water sports, hunting and climbing. 

Interest to visitors are: 

  • Villa Zone Stork's Nest - tranquil and picturesque place for a vacation located on the west bank of the Iskar dam, at the foot of the Plana mountain.
  • Iskar Dam has the biggest water capacity from all dams in Bulgaria. It is located on Iskar River and is used for water supply in city of Sofia and electrical energy production. Fishermen may catch various species of fish: common roach, zander, carassius, perch, carp bream, European chub, sheat-fish, Danube bleak, common rudd, carp, etc. Excellent conditions for water sports.
  • Plana Mountain characterizes with paths easy for walking, beautiful panoramic places and small fountains.
  • In close proximity is the biggest ski resort in Bulgaria - Borovets. It is located 1300 m above the sea level and is easily accessible by the whole country. The resort is a preferred place for recreation and a starting point for many tourist routes in Rila Mountain.

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