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Gorna Malina municipality

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Gorna Malina municipality is located in the central part of Western Bulgaria, between two mountains - Stara Planina and Sredna Gora. It covers an area of  336.3 sq km and is bordered on north by the ridge of Stara Planina, on west and south by Elin Pelin municipality and on east by Mirkovo municipality. It is 35 km away from Sofia. The above sea level  - over 650 m, and the high valley fields determine mountain and semi-mountain nature of the earth formations. Part of the municipal territory falls into the overskirts of the Balkan, and another part  - in the overskirts of the Sredna Gora Mountains. The valley bed is an accumulative river terrace of the river of Makotsevska and its feeders.
The population of Gorna Malina is located in 14 residential places  - the villages of Gorna Malina, Belopoptsi, Baylovo, Dolna Malina, Aprilovo, Gaitanevo, Negushevo, Osoytsa, Sarantsi, Chekanchevo, Makotsevo, Dolno Kamartsi, Stargel and Gorno Kamartsi.
There are 4 areas zoned for summer houses - the villages of Dolno Kamartsi, Makotsevo, Osoytsa, and Negushevo.
The average rental price for flats, shops and offices is 1.00 BGN./sq.m., for premises for industrial purposes - 0.60 BGN./sq.m..
The municipality disposes with free terrains for construction of petrol stations. 

Transport system
The road net is comparatively well developed and it is accomplished through roads II, III и IV class. Main roads, connecting Sofia with Burgas, Panagyurishte, Botevgrad, from where there is a connection with high road "Hemus", and Elin Pelin from where there is connection with high road "Trakiya" pass through the municipality.
A Pre-Balkan railway passes through the municipality. It has constructed railway stations in the villages of Gorna Malina, Negushevo, Sarantsi, Chekanchevo, Makotsevo and Dolno Kamartsi.

Communication, electricity supply
There are 5 automatic telephone exchanges - in the villages of Gorna Malina, Belopoltsi, Aprilovo, Dolno Kamartsi and Sarantsi, which cover 100% of the residential places. Electricity supply: the electricity supply is of aerial type. It is accomplished mainly by PC Aprilovo.

Municipal land structure:
arable land - 8 100 ha
meadows - 1 400 ha
common pastures - 13 700 ha
forest area - 12 900 ha
The agriculture land at this stage is grouped mainly in agriculture co-operatives, which cultivate about 95% of the land.
The cultures grown here are mainly forage and bread grain, maize, barley, beans and sun flower seeds.
There is certain interest in potato growing. There are possibilities for establishing small-sized enterprises for potato processing.
Regarding the vegetables cabbage is in great demand and it is grown in private farms mainly.
During spring and summer season many medicinal herbs are gathered here. They are used in herbal treatment and perfumery industry. The climate is excellent for mushrooms and forest fruit. They are offered for buying up at the local markets as well as at the markets of Sofia. 

Gorna Malina municipality is not included in the system for control of the atmospheric environment purity of the Ministry for Environment Protection and the Ministry of Public Health due to the lack of a polluting industry. That is why we do not dispose with data for the air condition, but after carried out partial measurements it has been found out that our municipality is one of the purest in the region.
On its territory a construction process of a sanitary depot for solid scraps with three cells and about 20-25 years of exploitation is on.
Programme and Decree for management of the activities for processing of solid scraps and protecting the purity of on the territory of the municipality have been worked out. 
The monument at Arabakonak 
Historical monument of the perished in the Russian- Turkish war in 1877 is build at Arabakonak passage.
Remarkable is the cultural center in the village of Baylovo, where the the museum and house monument of the notable Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin, famous  master of the short story for Bulkgarian village, is located.
Gorna Malina municipality is one of the small municipality in Sofia county, but is of established traditions in sport.
Five sport clubs - football, volleyball, a track -and -field, chess and table tennis, develop activity on its territory. They are united in one sport association.
For the purposes and the aims of the sport association, specified by  KMFBS and the municipal authority a Programme for sport development in Gorna Malina municipality is developed. 

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