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village of Golyamo Dryanovo

See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Stara Zagora Region - Golyamo Dryanovo

Golyamo Dryanovo is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Kazanlak, Stara Zagora Region.

The village is located 15 km northwest of the town of Kazanlak, about 48 km northwest of the district city of Stara Zagora and 221 km west of Sofia.

The village has regular bus service seven times daily from the town of Kazanlak.

Golyamo Dryanovo is situated at an altitude of 424 meters, between Stara planina mountain and Sredna gora mountain.

Summer is moderately hot and winters mild. The average temperature in January is over 0 degrees, while the average temperature in July is above 25 degrees.

The permanent population is about 242 people.

The main occupation is agriculture - cattle, beekeeping, gardening.

The territory of Golyamo Dryanovo has walnuts and 2500 acres, and nurseries for essential oil crops (roses, lavender and peppermint).

Golyamo Dryanovo has mayoralty, health facility, church, library over 4500 volumes, a football field of small doors and several shops. There is a project in the village to make a nursing home at the former school.

An interesting fact is that the library is stored "Diary of audits and procurement of school in  Golyamo Dryanovo," which dates from 1891 in the library are kept more unique editions of "Notes on Bulgarian Uprisings "in 1892, and the play  by Anton Strashimirov  "Saint Ivan Rilski ", issued in 1911

Attractions and Tourism

- Part of the old houses in the village  are built in Tryavna style and were  declared monuments of culture.

- 200 meters north of the village runs the  river Leshnitsa - suitable for fishing.

- North of the village were discovered Thracian mound.

- Dam Koprinka to whose bottom is located the sunken Seuthopolis Thracian city is located only 4 kilometers from  Golyamo Dryanovo.

- 10 km from Dryanovo is and the resort town of Pavel Banya, famous for its mineral baths.

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