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village of Golema Rakovitsa

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Golema Rakovitsa is a village in western Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Elin Pelin, Sofia District

It is 19 km southeast of the town of Elin Pelin, 53 km in the same direction from Sofia, 16 km northeast of Trakia highway. 

The population is about 430 people. 

Located in a mountainous area at 693 m altitude in the foothills of Western Sredna Gora mountain and Sofia field. 
It is situated in a place where two rivers merge - Ravna and Lopushna forming Lesnovska River. 
At the western edge of the village began Ognianovo reservoir. 

Climatically, the village falls within an area with temperate climatic influence. It is characterized by moderately warm summers and relatively cool winters. The average January temperature is -1.8 C, the average temperature in July is 18.0 C. 
The village is electrified, with support infrastructure. There are electricity, water supply and communication networks. 
Function community center, town hall, grocery store, restaurant. 
Schools in the village Lesnovo, 14 km away, and health - the municipal center town of Elin Pelin. 
Regular bus service to Sofia and settlements in the municipality. 
The village is preferred by many people to purchase property because of its proximity and good transport links with the capital. 



Golema Rakovica and its surroundings are distinguished by picturesque countryside and has excellent conditions for practicing fishing and walks in the beautiful pine forest. 
Interesting sites to visit are: 

  • Church of St. Nicholas Marlikiyski, which was built in 1857. 
  • In the churchyard of St. Nicholas, which is a cultural museum is "church school". The building was built around 1857 in 2005, "church school" is restored by the volunteer work of rakovchani. 
  • Church of St. Petka, which was built in the same name, thanks to volunteer labor and donations. 

Every year on May 2 in Goelma Rakovitsa fair is held, dedicated to the anniversary of the outbreak of the April uprising. On that date the village was burned by the irregulars. 

The surroundings are excellent for hiking. Developed an international hunting in hunting Aramliets and Vitinya. 
There are opportunities for rural tourism development and construction of facilities for recreation. 

Ognianovo reservoir offers excellent conditions for water and motor sports. 

In the village of Equal field is built St. Sofia Golf Club & Spa - a complex of world-class golf course designed by legendary golfer Paul McGinley Signature with modern design and breathtaking mountain view. 
The club was founded in 2004 and has a golf shop, instructors, and a modern spa to unwind after a tough competition. 
Here almost every month to organize tournaments. Even in winter the activity is not fading - then hold long-awaited and exciting event of snow. 

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