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Village of Glozhene

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Glozhene is a village in Teteven municipality, Lovech region.

There is another village named Glozhene in Bulgaria- it is situated in Kozloduy municipality, Vratsa region.

The village is located 56 km south-west from the regional city Lovech, 12 km south-east from town of Teteven, 12 km north-west from Yablanitsa and about 105 km east from Sofia city.

The population is about 1200 people.

Glozhene is situated on the riverside of Vit river at the foot of Balkan mountain, on 320 m altitude. The climate characterizes with comparative soft winter and cool summer.

There are a school, food shops, cafes, restaurants, a stadium, a swimming pool and a house for accommodation of elderly people in the village. There are several houses for guests and small family hotels as well.

There are three operating factories in the village- for production of metal constructions, for woodworking and making of wooden joinery and third factory for production of electrical motors.

Landmarks and tourism:

The region is extreamly beautiful and attracts lots of tourist each year. The most visited places near the village are:

The Monastery of Glozhene- it is located on 870 m altitude over a sheer cliff- a part of the masiif Lisets. It was established in XIII c. and it is well-known as a place where the Bulgarian hero Vasil Levski and other notable revolutionaries were hiding. It is located about 3 km away from the village.

The museum of Glozhene which is situated on the main street in Glozhene.

The caves of Draganchovitsa, Bezdanniya pchelin and Morovitsa- one of the longest caves in Bulgaria. Finds dated back from the Prahistoty times were found in this cave and are exhibited in the Museum of Teteven.

The waterfall of Glozhene "Vara" that is located at the end of the village.


The village is set about 10 km away from the main road Sofia city- Varna city. There is regular bus transport from to Tetevn, Lovech and Sofia.

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