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The Village of German

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German Village is located in the Southwestern region of Bulgaria is part of Sofia Municipality, District Sofia - city.



German Village is located on the right bank of the Iskar River, where the river leaves the gorge at the village of Pancharevo and enters Sofia field. It is located 13 km southeast of the center of Sofia and 4 km east of Mladost 4 quarter. Its territory borders Gorni Lozen to the east,  Iskar River   and the land of Gorublyane to the west, to the south with the Lake Pancharevo and lands of the villages of Kokalyane and Pancharevo and to the north -  Tsarigradsko shose and the palace of the tsar Vrana /Chiflik Chardaklia/



According to data from the National Statistical Institute from the year 2007 estimated number is about 2500 people.

Education and culture


There is primary school, kindergarten and community center in the territory of German.



Proximity to the city of Sofia, easy and quick transportation  by the ring road and motorway Trakia allows the construction of logistics centers - terrains are set up and are built stock exchanges, warehouses, parkings and different workshops for the manufacture of food products service - stations  and others.


German is emerging as a preferred area to live at the foot of the mountain. Built - up with new houses and beautiful for year - round living. Property prices still are not so high.
In the process of renewal is transport infrastructure. Regular buses № 6 and 8 and shuttle № 42 make easy transport connection with the capital. Communication, energy and water infrastructures are well maintained. There are different sports facilities.


The region has picturesque scenery. It is suitable for practicing various types of alternative tourism. About a kilometer from the village there is another dam, for fishing.
German's Monastery is the oldest monastery in Sofia Sveta Gora. It was built in the tenth century and is named after St Ivan Rilski. Legend says that Ivan Rilski was very thirsty and while crossing Lozen mountain, stopped and asked God for water. His wish was fulfilled and rose from the ground water. Thus was born the spring in the courtyard. In German monastery wrote his works the famous Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin. There he wrote his notorious work Under the vine of the monastery.
From the village of German also start eco paths which cross in Lozen Mountain and go and Lozen village, Pasarel, village, Urvich Fortress, St. Ivan Rilski monastery, and one of them passes the Panoramic road of Pancharevo lake.

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