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Village of General Todorov

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General Todorov is a village in South-western Bulgaria. It is part of Petrich Municipality, Blagoevgrad Region.

It is 77 km south from town of Blagoevgrad, 18 km north-east from town of Petrich, 13 km north-west from the Bulgarian-Greek border at village of Kulata, about 2 km west from E-79 international road, 39 km east from the Bulgarian-Macedonian border at Zlatarevo checkpoint and 159 km south from the capital Sofia.

General Todorov is an important railway station of Sofia-Kulata railway line.

The village spreads out the Petrichko-Sandanska valley, at 101 m above the sea level. About 500 m in western direction passes Struma River. About 1 km away is Kozhuh area.

The climate is transitional Mediterranean and characterizes with long, hot summer and mild winter.

The population is approximately 670 people.

In 1984 the settlement was renamed from Pripechene to General Todorov in honour of the general from the Bulgarian infantry - Georgi Stoyanov Todorov.

The village is well-developed and provided with electricity, water and all communication equipment (including cable TV and Internet). There is a town-hall, a railway station, a community centre with singing groups and library, a post office, a police officer, a kindergarten, doctors, a tailoring workshop and commercial areas. The nearest comprehensive school is in village of Marikostinovo - about 6 km away.

In the beginning of December 2010 was launched the solar park 'Pripechene' with power 0.8 MV and square surface of 18 600 sq. m. The solar park was constructed with Norwegian help and features excellent facilities that fulfil the newest European tendencies.

Landmarks and tourism

In the settlement of the village is located the medieval rock church 'St Panteleymon' which is considered to be a sanctuary in the ancient times. According to the legends the region was associated with the earliest period of St Ivan Rilski seclusion.

In close proximity is located the land of Rupite (17 km) - popular with its mineral springs and the temple of the prophet Vanga. Above the place rises Kozhuh eminence - part of an extinct volcano.

Famous balneotherapy resorts are town of Sandanski (16 km) and village of Marikostinovo (6 km). They are popular with their mild climate and abundance of mineral springs.

The holiday of the village is on 18 January, and the fair - in the end of July.

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