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Village of Garmen

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Garmen is a village in South-western Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Garmen Municipality, Blagoevgrad Region.

It is 102 km south-east from town of Blagoevgrad, 9 km east from town of Gotse Delchev, 12 km north from town of Hadzhidimovo and 24 km west from village of Satovcha. The capital of Sofia is about 196 km away.

The population is approximately 1800 people.

Village of Garmen spreads out the south-western Rhodopes, at 605 m above the sea level. The region characterizes with mountainous and hilly relief. The highest point is Beslet peak (1938 m). Mesta and Kanina Rivers pass nearby.

The climate here is with four seasons. Summer is warm and winter - mild. The area is one of the warmest in the country, in spite of the mountainous relief.

Village of Garmen is administrative, economic and cultural centre. It is with well-developed infrastructure. Provided is electricity, water, sewerage system and communication equipment. There is a municipal building, a police station, a post office, a secondary school, a community centre, a kindergarten, a doctor, a tourist centre and various commercial areas.

The natural and climate conditions are favourable for the tobacco-production and other alternative agricultural products.

The rich forest fund with century-old forests is excellent condition for logging and picking of mushrooms and fruit.

Landmarks and tourism

In the settlement of Garmen is located the late ancient Roman town 'Nicopolis as Nestum' - 'The victory town at Mesta River'. It was established in the year of 106 by the Roman Emperor Trayan, in honour of his victory over the Dacians. The town used to be an important cross point in the Roman epoch.

Local place of interest is the church 'St George', built in 1898 on the place of an older church. It is a monument of culture in the moment.

Natural landmarks are the century-old plane-trees declared in 1968. The Zagradski plane-trees are two of the most attractive trees in the area, with common age more than 600 years.

The river valley of Kanina features warm mineral springs with water temperature 35 C - 40 C and common debit of 8 l/sec. There is historical information, that in the past the Roman used the mineral waters for rehabilitation of their legions.

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