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Gara Oreshets

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Gara Oreshets is a village in north - western Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality Dimovo, region of Vidin. 
The village is situated in a valley, located about 11 km south - east of the town of Belogradchik, about 48 km south of Vidin and about 116 km north - west of Sofia. 
The climate is temperate continental, average July temperatures are around 20 ° C, and average January - about 0 ° C. 

Oreshets is part of the railway line Sofia - Mezdra - Vidin. 
The population is about 830 people. 
The village has 4 shops, 2 cafes, home for the elderly, church. 
Besides railway transport in the village there are bus lines that carry passengers to the nearby town of Belogradchik. There are three daily trains to Vidin and another three trains to Sofia, one to Mezdra and one to Brusartsi. 
The village has a villa zone, where locals grow vines. Oreshets station has a football team called the "Crown Oreshets. There are also hunting groups numbering over 50 people. 
Tourism and Sightseeing 
The area of the village of Gara Oreshets is rich in karst caves, a large and easily accessible from the caves are "Crown" and "Kozarnika. 
3 km from the village on the way to leading to Belogradchik is located cave Zhivanina dupka. There, according to archaeologists before people lived 1.6 million years and still be conducted archaeological research. Recently scientists have discovered near the village and the oldest in Europe, animal bones, which are believed to have grown by a person and believe that there lived the first European. Because of the archaeological work near, the village some of the residents offer rooms. The village has no hotels, accommodation is in hotels in Belogradchik. 
Incredibles Belogradchik rocks and castle fortress is located about 5 km west of the village. 
Nature is beautiful, this can be seen rare and protected representatives of flora and fauna. 
In the village there are resources and prerequisites for the development of cultural, culinary tourism and hunting. Unspoilt nature, clean air, sympathetic to local conditions enable the future development of tourism as an important sector of local economy. 
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